laser boats

After seeing @sugarshower drew him as jasper and me as peridot (bc of high different)

I keep thinking there is one scene in ep”  The Return ”

like they are on the boat (peridot,jasper and lapis) and jasper told peridot to shoot gems with boat (Laser?)


I can’t help but wanting to draw this scene down… and idon’tknowmaybeIwannadrawlapisassinkkabecauseIlikethemahahh 

and the laser just become a lot of ….fontcest??? wha…??? 

??? I don’t know anything anymore

save me

“I’ve been going through a rough time with school and my health recently. Star vs. the Forces of Evil has been one of the big things keeping me grounded. Whenever I’m a bit depressed, it reminds me that even though things are a little weird and my life is right now a little wild, I’m going to come through this okay. Also laser puppies make everything a bit better.”

- Anonymous

okay so for people not from boston (at least not from mass.) here are some things to expect.

  • tons and tons of three-floored houses with tight hallways that will be a fucking dickhole to fight through
  • fenway park is apparently a city unto itself, so no change there. the food will also cost you 300 caps extra. no one knows why. its tradition.
  • if you thought the metro in 3 was bad, boy you have another thing coming
  • ghoul bakeries in the north end
  • castle island, a british fort, is now most likely ruled by hyper-intelligent seagulls
  • anything north of cambridge and west of concord is mirelurk territory. possibly also mutant cranberries, stay tuned.
  • the guys in the institute ah wicked smaht
  • laser-equipped swan boats on the common
  • if you find people who don’t speak with a boston accent, there is a simple explanation: they are descnded from the migratory population of college students.
  • the burnt out shells of dunkin’ donuts are still filled with the stale, rock-hard plain donuts and cold cups of coffee. still better than honey dew tho.
  • suprisingly dorchester is the most well preserved, finally matching the rest of the nuclear hellscape.
  • if you see a building named quincy market that has been destroyed, please take off your hat and perhaps shed a tear out of respect.