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alright, i'll bite! why was homecoming almost marxist?



I’ll do only the non-spoiler shit above the cut because I don’t know if you’ve seen or not, and put the spoiler stuff under a read more. 

Let’s begin with the most obvious difference: the new “Spiderman: Homecoming” movie is NOT AN ORIGIN STORY

This in itself is incredibly important, because it means that the old politics of Spiderman can really no longer apply in this new narrative. In previous Spiderman movies, Peter Parker/Spiderman has been said to be analogous to America – a budding young country, finding itself wielding untold economic and military power, and unsure of how to use that power in the world. Likewise, Peter struggles with his powers, even wondering if it’s right to use them in the first place – but by the end of both series, he feels he is called by a sacred duty to be Spiderman. So the previous two franchises were essentially metaphors for American imperialism. You can find a much better explanation of why that is on THIS video; because I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet. (my guess is that the creator of this video feels very differently than I do about America’s place in the world, but it’s a good analysis all the same.) But remember the motto: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Not only is that motto NEVER MENTIONED in the new Spiderman (you heard me right, they DON’T SAY the “great motto” line, ever), Peter has no qualms about his powers. He doesn’t struggle with “how to use them properly.” He KNOWS he’s Spiderman. He wants to help people. And that sets up his primary goal during the entire movie: to prove himself to Tony Stark. (I’ll get back to this.) But case in point; Peter can no longer be comfortably analogized to be representative of America; at least not in the way he previously was, as a world power trying to find how to best impose its influence. He’s something different now. 

This is where it gets spoilery. I’ll see you below the cut. 

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“I’ve been going through a rough time with school and my health recently. Star vs. the Forces of Evil has been one of the big things keeping me grounded. Whenever I’m a bit depressed, it reminds me that even though things are a little weird and my life is right now a little wild, I’m going to come through this okay. Also laser puppies make everything a bit better.”

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good luck w brineybeard :/ if it helps during the death laser boat stage it always fires the 3 fireballs before doing the laser, you need to bait out the barrel dropping before the laser so it doesnt smack you while youre ducking

….oh my god i didn’t realize i could duck

i thought i was gonna have to parry continuously off the top of it………………….

thank you………………………………………..

After seeing @sugarshower drew him as jasper and me as peridot (bc of high different)

I keep thinking there is one scene in ep”  The Return ”

like they are on the boat (peridot,jasper and lapis) and jasper told peridot to shoot gems with boat (Laser?)


I can’t help but wanting to draw this scene down… and idon’tknowmaybeIwannadrawlapisassinkkabecauseIlikethemahahh 

and the laser just become a lot of ….fontcest??? wha…??? 

??? I don’t know anything anymore

save me

okay so for people not from boston (at least not from mass.) here are some things to expect.

  • tons and tons of three-floored houses with tight hallways that will be a fucking dickhole to fight through
  • fenway park is apparently a city unto itself, so no change there. the food will also cost you 300 caps extra. no one knows why. its tradition.
  • if you thought the metro in 3 was bad, boy you have another thing coming
  • ghoul bakeries in the north end
  • castle island, a british fort, is now most likely ruled by hyper-intelligent seagulls
  • anything north of cambridge and west of concord is mirelurk territory. possibly also mutant cranberries, stay tuned.
  • the guys in the institute ah wicked smaht
  • laser-equipped swan boats on the common
  • if you find people who don’t speak with a boston accent, there is a simple explanation: they are descnded from the migratory population of college students.
  • the burnt out shells of dunkin’ donuts are still filled with the stale, rock-hard plain donuts and cold cups of coffee. still better than honey dew tho.
  • suprisingly dorchester is the most well preserved, finally matching the rest of the nuclear hellscape.
  • if you see a building named quincy market that has been destroyed, please take off your hat and perhaps shed a tear out of respect.

    We asked our resident Texan weapons expert to de-bullshit the gun debate. No Internet macro was safe.

    6 Things Gun Lovers and Haters Can Agree On

    #6. Gun Owners Aren’t a Unified Group

    There’s a certain ring of logic to the [macro’s] premise: A vast army of patriotic gun owners might provide a check to the government. Forty-four million armed angry people (minimum) could threaten the military, even in this age of flying murderbots and boat-mounted lasers. Alas, this grand army of tyranny-hating middle-aged white dudes rests on one flimsy premise: the idea that “gun owners” are a unified block. … There’s no silent, unified army lying in wait for Obama’s mad campaign of moderate health-care reform to finally go one step too far. About 55 percent of Republicans own guns, as do 40 percent of Democrats. Oddly enough, this represents a high point in gun ownership among Democrats. Our soldiers tend to mirror the country: Half of them don’t give a fuck about politics, and the other half split pretty evenly between the two parties.

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    US Navy ‘fully operational’ laser gun blows up boats, drones