laser 2000

Buxton, Double Axe 13.6% abv double IPA

Continuing my beery catchup, here’s the last part of my balanced and entirely unbiased Buxton love-in. At least for this week. Double Axe was brewed as a celebration of their recent expansion, an Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hop monster capable of actually decapitating people. Srsly, it got it’s name from the grisly fate of the handful of ramblers that were used as test subjects, and was only released to the public when the mortality rate hit an amusingly high percentage. 

And so I once again find myself risking my life to bring you tasting notes, with barely a hint of trepidation (my bravery often surprises even me) I pop the cap and pour. It’s at this point that my eyes almost pop out of my skull, that aroma! Even from a foot away It’s like snorting a blend of tropical fruit distillates. A fluffy white head tops the gorgeous orange marmalade coloured brew, not that I could see much due to my eyes watering from the fumes. 

A sip. Oh my. Pure undiluted IPA concentrate. It’s no secret that I enjoy flavour bombs, and hugely hopped flavour bombs in particular, but I’ve honestly never before tasted anything this extreme. The sweet, syrupy, full bodied, and resinous liquid delivers an endless series of explosions to my taste buds, 2000 lb laser guided bombs filled with mango, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, and grapefruit flavoured axe heads that unleash a face shredding fruity shrapnel. Reeling, I seek refuge in the soothing caramel malt only for the lupulin bombs to return with renewed vigour. This is a most wondrous experience!  Aye, ‘tis toothache inducingly sweet and almost overwhelmingly flavourful, but in these extremes is a prize worth testing your limits for. Or at least it was this way for me, a beer of the highest tier.

Now, for those questioning why Buxton called this a double IPA rather than a triple IPA, well, the the line between them is about as blurry as my moral compass so they can call it a DIPA if they want to. And for the same people, no, it ain’t a barley wine either. The hop profile is just so damned huge it completely and utterly dominates the beer. It’s absolutely an IPA. Unfortunately this is probably all gone by now as it’s a couple of months since it was released (and a good few weeks since I finished my last one) so recommending it is rather pointless. If you got to try it (and survived) you know how good it was. For those that didn’t, sorry, but thanks for allowing me the time to gush about this remarkable brew. Cheers!