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gentleman's guide to love and murder au?

Okay, there are SO MANY characters in this musical I don’t think the barrio fam can fit everyone, so we’d have to tweak the story a bit here. Like, maybe Usnavi is an orphan (as usual) and he finds out through Abuela that the De la Vegas were a very aristocratic family, but something happened involving another family and they either all were killed or vanished or fell out of their wealth. And Usnavi is technically the next in line to inherit their fortune. But this ‘other’ family has taken over the De la Vega estate and don’t plan on letting it go anytime soon, meaning that if a proper descendant of the De la Vegas were to show up, they would probably shoot them on sight. Usnavi figures that out the hard way. So basically, the only way to get what is rightfully his, is to get rid of all the people standing in his way, by any means necessary! And along the way he meets the rest of the cast, Vanessa, who he instantly falls in love with, Benny, an old friend who agrees to help him carry out his plans (he wants some action), The Rosarios, who are another aristocratic family and Nina helps use her family influence to help Usnavi, Daniela and Carla, who maybe are servants of the evil family or middle class ladies who provide them with any inside information along with Pete, and of course, Sonny, who’s in an orphanage and Usnavi gets him out of there, finding out they’re cousins and decides to share the wealth with him. Multiple shenanigans, hilarity and murder ensues and in the end, I’m thinking that they restore the De la Vega family name and since it had been so long, the evil family had used up most of their money, but it’s enough for Usnavi and Sonny to live comfortably as middle class citizens and help their friends as well, and everything’s good.