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Kellyanne Conway uses Las Vegas shooting to blame Obama for failing to pass gun control law
Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway has blamed the Obama administration for failing to regulate “bump stocks,” a little-known device that may have helped the Las Vegas mass shooter kill more people. Ms Conway defended President Donald Trump in the wake of the shooting, arguing that former President Barack Obama was to blame for the commercial availability of bump stocks.

Do they all have selective memory? Like do you all remember the shit storm that occurred anytime Obama even said the word “gun.”


Here’s someone who knows how to give a speech. 

1. He mentions how we are all involved in this.

2. He calls it an “act of terror”.

3. He talks about what they are doing. He explains that he has been briefed. He delivers the information they have on the terrorist.

4. He explains that he talked to the mayor.

5. THEN he talks about how the police and first responders helped to save lives.

6. He addresses the targeted victims specifically, and points out WHAT the shooter was after–reminding people of what was lost.

7. “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

8. He describes the weapons. 


10. We’re going to learn about the names and faces of the victims. He humanizes them, and asks us to pray for them. 

11. He reminds us to focus on the victims and not the shooter.

12. “May God continue to watch over this country that we love.”

Donald Trump’s message today did less than half of these things. He used no specifics and no names. He did not describe the shooter or the weapons. He did not describe the victims or detail the events that occurred. It was all vague–and meaningless.

As I said yesterday: he’s a terrible leader.