las vegas show special

real questions i have about nysm that no one has bothered answering:

  • did thaddeus ever end up publishing that special about the las vegas show? 
  • why the fuck did the Eye ever allow him to expose people in the first place?
  • like i understand that the rivalry between him and shrike was an act and all that’s not what i’m concerned about
  • i mean since he was a known magic debunker, he must have exposed other magicians besides lionel shrike and the horsemen
  • but he’s part of the Eye
  • which is supposed to protect magic and magicians
  • and he makes a living out of debunking them and driving them out of business?
  • how did the Eye ever allow this aside from the whole rivalry act thing
  • what the heck thaddeus

Britney’s “Piece Of Me” Residency in Las Vegas - FULL SHOW featuring special guest Lance Bass on stage during “Freakshow” - filmed on 12/30/2013

source: vivitoma