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I love this OT3 so much and it's all because of you. Your portrayal of them is just amazing and so is your writing. I always get really excited when you post something. :D Protective Usnavi and Vanessa is the best and Ruben being happy again is just !!!!! I love it and I love your stuff!

THANKYOU so much! i’m so happy that other people are getting into this with me

in celebration of all the people who have left me such lovely comments and caught The Feels with me: here’s some cute morning-after fluff set post-your body is a triangle. rated T for non-explicit sexy talk, rated C for Cutest Threesome Ever.


The first thing Ruben notices when he wakes up is that he’s naked, and that he’s not alone. He barely has time to tense up before Usnavi and Vanessa are both talking to him, quietly reassuring him that it’s just them and he’s in Usnavi’s apartment and he’s safe.

Okay. Oh, shit, okay, last night. His head is on Usnavi’s chest, Vanessa is curled around him at the back. Ruben’s never even stayed at someone else’s place like this, what’s the etiquette on waking up in bed with a couple you just fucked? He opens his eyes.

“Hey there,” says Usnavi.

“Hi,” says Ruben, blinking. “Hey, Vanessa.”

“Aite, Ruben,” she says. They don’t seem in a hurry to get rid of him. In fact, Vanessa’s kissing the back of his neck and Usnavi is brushing light fingers across Ruben’s lips, barely touching. Maybe last night wasn’t a one time thing.

 Ruben has no problem with that.

It’s brighter outside than it usually is when he wakes up. He shifts around to try and see the clock. Usnavi pushes himself up to sit, cracking his shoulder with a groan and wiggling his fingers to get feeling back into the arm Ruben was lying on.

“Usnavi, it’s eight am, you should be at work! And I was giving you a dead arm. Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I’m taking the morning off. Called in Sonny to let him know he’ll be opening, he’s on shift at eight thirty.”

“Two whole hours late? But you never open the store late.”

“You just looked. Happy,” says Usnavi. “Didn’t wanna disturb you.”

He’s so cute, Ruben thinks helplessly. It’s almost unbearable.

“I can go, if you needed to - ah!” Ruben sits up properly, then immediately lies back down again. “Nope, NOPE. Ow.”

“Aw, poor baby,” coos Vanessa. “Did you work too hard last night?”

“My entire life hurts,” he says.

“Yeah, what else is new?” says Usnavi, stroking Ruben’s hair with a worried look. “I didn’t like…actually hurt you, did I? I tried to be careful.”

“No, no, it’s the good kind,” assures Ruben. “Like, post-gym kind of hurt. Probably. I’ve only been in a gym once for like ten minutes, but I’ve heard stories.”

“Why were you in a gym for ten minutes? Were you lost?”

“There were mirrors everywhere. Ten minutes is my limit on how long I can stand to look at my reflection on a treadmill, turns out. Who ever wanted to know what they look like while they’re running? Still paid membership for the next seven months, though.” He stretches out blissfully then rolls over to rest his head on Usnavi’s thigh. “Coffee would be great, thanks.”

“I didn’t offer.”

“I’m reading between the lines,” Ruben says. “Vanessa wants coffee too.”

“Oh, Vanessa really does,” she agrees. “Thanks, Usnavi!”

“Thanks Usnavi nothin’, I wanna stay in bed as well! Why doesn’t Vanessa get the coffee?”

“Because nobody wants that to happen,” says Vanessa.

“Fair enough. Why doesn’t Ruben get the coffee?”

“Because Ruben can’t stand up,” says Ruben, looking pathetically up at Usnavi. “You broke me by being too good at sex, now you gotta play barista. Anyway, what’s even the point of café if you’re not the one making it?”

“Flattery gets you everywhere,” says Usnavi. “You’re gonna be a problem, I can tell. Already learning all my weaknesses.”

“Usnavi’s weaknesses: number one, compliments about his coffee, number two, compliments about his dick,” Vanessa lists, tapping the appropriate number of fingers against Ruben’s shoulder as she does. “In that order. Three, videos of animals being friends with each other. Sometimes he cries at them, it’s adorable.”

“Vanessa, don’t tell him that! Whose side are you on?”

“Found out some interesting ones last night, too,” says Ruben. “Like…four, Ruben talking about touching himself.”

Usnavi makes a strangled noise and turns bright red. “Dude.”

“Am I wrong?” Ruben asks in a low voice, skimming a hand high up on Usnavi’s thigh.

Usnavi closes his eyes and lets his head tip back to rest against the wall. “Mm. No.”

Ruben pulls his hand away and huddles further back into Vanessa’s arms with an exaggerated yawn. “We could explore that if only I weren’t so tired and caffeine deprived. Such a shame.”

Usnavi knocks the lamp over in his hurry to get out of bed.

“I think we’ve made him dangerous, Usnavi,” says Vanessa. “I like it.”