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I feel I have the deaths of five people on my shoulders. The signs were there.
—  Kelly Fielder, a neighbor of Jerad and Amanda Miller. The young married couple were identified today as the shooters in the rampage that left two police officers and a Wal-Mart shopper dead in Las Vegas yesterday. Fielder said the Millers were staying in her apartment until Sunday morning. At about 5:45 a.m. that day, Jerad Miller brought out swastikas and an Army insignia and said: “I’m going to put one of those on every cop we kill." 

When it comes to women and murder, there are unexpected statistics. Joni E. Johnston, PsyD., writes on the Psychology Today blog that even though there are far fewer female serial killers than males, “percentage-wise, there are more female serial murderers [with] 15 percent in comparison to 85 percent males [as opposed to] one-time killers [at] 90 percent men [and] 10 percent women. In other words, a slightly higher percentage of female killers are serial killers.

But while even the dustiest of history books are full of female murderers, there are very few spree killers. The crimes of the Manson women, Eileen Wuornos, and Andrea Yates all lack the exhibitionism and spontenaity of a rampage. Out of 1,336 spree killers in recorded history, it appears that less than ten were women, which is low, given that men commit about 10 percent of total murders.

A 2012 study published in the International Journal of Women’s Health suggests that psychopathy in women might occur at different rates, or be expressed differently in criminals, with “only 11% of female violent subjects, as opposed to 31% of male violent subjects, [meeting] the criteria for psychopathy.”

Quite tellingly, however, the study starts this way: “Prior research on psychopathy has primarily focused on the problem in men. Only a few studies have examined whether psychopathy even exists in women, and if so, how the disorder manifests itself in them.”

(via A Brief History of Female Rampage Killers | VICE United States)

Women who kill are also more likely to be punished with greater severity for their crimes, no matter the particulars of their background or the context of the violence itself, because they are women. (Some) women’s violence tends to get front-page, splashy coverage across media outlets when the perpetrator is a woman in a kind of strange gender parity that has the effect of making women’s violence seem all the more out of the ordinary.

VICE tips its hand with that last paragraph with an "as deadly as the male” tagline to strike dread in the heart of the reader: It’s not that women aren’t violent on par with men, it’s that they’ve been better able to hide because people don’t study their violence with the same frequency as men.

It’s the age old double-edge sword: woman are inherently violent because they are women OR violent women are aberrations because they are women.
Two Cops, Three Others Killed in Las Vegas Shooting Spree

(NBC NEWS) An apparent ambush in a Las Vegas pizzeria that carried over to a nearby Walmart left five people dead on Sunday, including two police officers and a pair of shooters.

A man and a woman shot the two cops as they were eating lunch at Cici’s Pizza at about 11:20 a.m. local time (2:20 p.m. ET), Las Vegas Metro Police spokesman Larry Hadfield told NBC News.

Witnesses told police that one of the shooters yelled “This is the start of a revolution” before firing at patrolmen, who were identified as Officer Alyn Beck, 42, and Officer Igor Soldo, 32.

One of the cops was able to fire back at the duo before succumbing to his injuries, Sheriff Doug Gillespie said at an afternoon press conference.

“My officers were simply having lunch when the shooting started,” said Gillespie. “I can tell you that they were both family men, and they’re leaving behind loved ones.”

Take a close look, NRA extremists and other gundamentalists; this what it looks like when someone uses firearms to take down those they see as “tyrants.” This is what it always looks like – idiot gunbillies shooting at cops.

This is patriotism. It’s not heroism. It’s not being a Minuteman. It’s terrorism. It’s crime. It’s being a thug.

And that’s the problem with the NRA’s bullshit interpretation on the Second Amendment – who gets to decide who’s a tyrant that it’s OK to kill? John Wilkes Booth shouted, “Sic semper tyrannis” (thus always to tyrants) after shooting Lincoln. He thought he got to decide who was a tyrant. Under your interpretation of the Second Amendment, why was he wrong? Why couldn’t he have just gone to court and pleaded the Second? If your interpretation of the Second Amendment is correct, why isn’t pleading the Second something you can actually do?

Why do you think you get to decide who’s a tyrant and why the fuck do we have to accept that you’re right? Take your little “revolution” to another country, “patriots.” We’re sick of your cowardly shit here.

Guess why the Vegas shooters travelled to Vegas? For Cliven Bundy. But you probably already guessed that.

So… it’s the day after two cops were executed and a Gadsden flag was draped over a dead body.

A day after the shooter allegedly said “the revolution” was beginning.

And who does that? Who shoots two cops in an ambush and believes they are martyring themselves for a cause?

People who saw other “patriots” pointing guns at government officials and didn’t understand why THEY couldn’t do the same.

Turns out that sick feeling we all had that this is the evolution of what Cliven Bundy started was right.

The worst of people, drawn to the Las Vegas area, by the siren call to arms by a deadbeat rancher who threatened - and created - a range war and a willing group of right wing media and politicians who made that man and his cause seem heroic.

Who’s responsible?

The shooters, of course.
Cliven Bundy for his call to arms.
Sean Hannity for elevating them to the status of martyr.

The right wing media for making secessionists the new tea party.

Yesterday it was assumption.

Today, we will find out it was fact.

Which means very shortly you’ll be hearing about “mental illness” and “false flags” and how this is all a set up to get people the government wanted to get.

Don’t give it a single ounce of credence.  Remember how this started.  One man who doesn’t believe in the federal government, convicted after twenty years, gathering a private army to threaten “range war.”

People died because of domestic terrorists. And cowboy hat wearing “Bin Laden” behind that operation still walks free, believing himself to be something other than the leader of a terrorist cell.

The next time somebody gathers a private army and threatens war… believe them.


H/T to @RSchooley on twitter for finding this stuff.

please tell me the concept is gonna be 50’s vegas strip gangsters and casinos and glitz and glamour and pinstripped suits PLS is it too late for them to go to las vegas to shoot the mv omgggg

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