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Fox News and other conservative media is so fucking transparent bringing in the Take A Knee movement when talking about the Las Vegas shooting. They don’t want to politicize the tragedy by talking about guns but they will certainly politicize the tragedy to talk about Black football players protesting racial injustice and police violence. They’re using this massacre to literally guilt people out of kneeling/protesting. Fucking sick.

Happy Winter Solstice, 2016
Photo made while standing at the foot of Rainbow Mountain, Mount Wilson in the distance with the sun about to dip behind Oak Creek Canyon and in the foreground, glowing native plant Desert Needlegrass.

Rainbow Mountains, Sandstone Escarpment
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Spring Mountains Range, Las Vegas Nevada

Enough is enough

The massacre in Las Vegas is the worst mass shooting only in recent memory of USA. But it didn’t have the most numerous casualties. It’s not the only one, and, sadly, it will not be the last, considering we have gun-fucking genocidal white supremacists in the White House that refuse to do anything about this. This is a white terrorist act, and the media sought to humanize the killer yet again.

The Pulse nightclub mass shooting in Orlando Florida last year is the deadliest massacre of the LGBTQ community in USA by far. 49 LGBTQ people were massacred, most of them were people of color, including Puerto Rican descendants. There is still a blood ban against LGBTQ people in this forsaken country.

Here are some examples of the deadliest mass shootings in USA history. The tribes people of the First Nations of this continent were deliberately massacred, and USA is responsible for these attacks.

Sand Creek: November 29, 1864, Kiowa County, Colorado.
- 163 Cheyenne and Arapaho men, women, and children were killed. After that initial attack, 400 more of their people were killed at Sand Creek, according to the Southern Cheyenne Chief, Laird Cometsevah.
- Murderers: US Army Colonel John Chivington, a methodist preacher, and the 1st Colorado Cavalry, 3rd Colorado Cavalry, and a company of the 1st Regiment New Mexico Volunteer Cavalry.

Marias River: January 23, 1870. Marias River, Montana.
- Piegan Blackfeet tribes people. 15 men, 212 women and children, 50 of those children were just under the age of 12.
- Murderers: 2nd US Cavalry Regiment and 13th US Infantry Regiment.

Wounded Knee: December 29th, 1890. Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
- 150-300 Lakota men, women, and children.
- Murderers: 7th US cavalry regiment. 20 Medals of Honor awarded.

Bear River: January 29th, 1863. Franklin County, Idaho.
- 410 Shoshone men, women, and children.
- Murderers: 3rd Regiment California Volunteer Infantry.

Yontocket: Autumn of 1853. Yontocket, Del Norte County, California.
- 250-600 Tolowa men, women, elders, and children were killed in the middle of their prayer ceremony. After the attack, one eyewitness saw the murderers burning sacred ceremonial clothing and tribal artifacts, including live infants of the slain Tolowa villagers.
- Murderers: Crescent City California militia.

Medals of Honor were awarded. The largest mass shootings, mass murders, were legal actions, with legal assault weapons, carried out by US government, state government representatives, and local citizen militias and were celebrated by the United States.”

It’s spring in the Mojave Desert, with beavertail pricklypear blooming all around. Indigenous people still use this plant as a food source, including making jelly with the fruits. I’m always charmed by the presence of beavertail cactus, not only when it’s showy like this but all year round.

November 2015 Paris attacks,

Donald Trump,  November 14, 2015  at a rally in Beaumont, Texas,

On Saturday, November 14,2015 at a rally in Beaumont, Texas, Trump said the massacre would have been “much different” if the Parisians were armed, blaming the country’s tough gun control laws in part for the tragedy.

The November 2015 Paris attacks were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks  that occurred on Friday 13 November 2015 in Paris, France.

The attackers killed 130 people, including 89 at the Bataclan theatre. Another 413 people were injured, almost 100 seriously. 

Do NRA supporters know that the NRA genuinely only gives a shit about their Second Amendment right because they can make money off of it? Not because it’s your right. They don’t care about protection or safety as long as money is involved, they profit off of legal & ILLEGAL gun sales. They only care about your right to own a gun because it makes them filthy rich.


1980s vintage footage of the United States filmed from a helicopter, capturing cities and landscapes, recolored and edited into a modern video.