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Venetian Bedroom Suite by cashcraft (The Sims 3)

An elegant and luxurious bedroom set inspired by the Las Vegas Venetian hotel and casino. The suite includes a half canopy bed, table lamp, end table, antique cupboard and shelving unit, wall mirror, and a decorative glass chandelier.

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human klaroline (as a couple) get drunk & fool around with handcuffs. when they wake up sober, they realize that they don't know how to get out of the handcuffs.

Ummm, this started silly, and it might have gotten weird. I did promise @thetourguidebarbie smut, though it’s probably not as, ahem, complete as expected. Still, thanks for prompting, anon! I hope you like it!

Cuffed || Klaroline

The girls crashed into their suite, giggling madly while trying to shush the others for being too loud. Las Vegas luxury hotels probably had super-soundproofed rooms, the drunken bachelorette party a good example of one such reason. Katherine was probably the most sober, but she had already snuck away to Elijah’s room for some private fun. Caroline had the second highest alcohol tolerance, which left her in charge of hustling a completely wasted Elena and Rebekah into the suite while supporting the bride-to-be on her own.

“Come on, Bonnie,” she groaned, dragging the dead weight of her friend with her. It wasn’t because Bonnie was too drunk to walk. No, she had been having too much fun at the strip club and flatly refused to leave. When Caroline’s pleas of getting to use their ridiculously plush suite were ignored, she resorted to slinging Bonnie on her back and walking out - to which the bachelorette went completely limp, just to make things difficult.

Rebekah and Elena promptly fell onto one of the beds, barely kicking off their shoes before passing out. Her forehead crinkling in pain, Caroline desperately wished she could join them; getting some sleep was her only hope of avoiding the awful hangover she knew was coming. Unfortunately, a re-energized Bonnie started rooting through her naughty bachelorette gifts, and Caroline knew better than to close her eyes before Bonnie was safely tucked into bed.

A drunk Bonnie was a troublemaking Bonnie.

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How rich are the big bang members? Can you describe seperately?

Sorry for the really late answer! It took a while for us to compile it all together because a lot of it required some serious research.

Warning: This post is going to be long.

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