las vegas is a bad place to get lost in

Compilation of Taylor’s Clean Speeches from the 1989 World Tour | Clean Speech Masterpost

I know for many of us, the words that Taylor shares before she sings Clean mean as much to us as the lyrics of the song do, because someone that we love and care about knows the struggles we’re facing, and she’s cheering us on – that’s why I wanted to compile all of Taylor’s Clean speeches together in the one place. It’s been an incredible experience transcribing all the speeches and seeing the positive and healing impact that Taylor’s words have had on myself and others. Thank you for your words, Taylor. 

This post contains every Clean speech from the 1989 World Tour.

N.B. this post will be very long.

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I’ve never been to Las Vegas so I did a bit of research on the place; gambling and stripping seem to be the top searches. Does this mean strip poker? If so I’m bringing my Elsa dress - the outfit has 8 pieces to it. One is tremendously bad at strip poker and is covering ones ass. I am also sewing Hideaway address to said dress in case I get lost or locked on a fucking roof. Now, who wants to start pre-gaming for this weekend to help our livers prepare?