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It’s a Few Days Late

But this one’s for the brilliant @angelycdevil! Happy belated, love!

Based on this prompt. I know you asked for Stucky, but that was before I knew of the wonders of Holsom!


The day had already been a weird one before the knock on his door.

He’d woken in his Las Vegas hotel room (expected) without Ransom (unexpected) to insistent knocking on his door. He’d yanked it open, ready to chirp Rans for leaving his key, only to find Shitty, Bitty and motherfriggin’ Johnson in the doorway.

To say he’d been shocked would be an understatement.

It was no secret that he and Ransom were flying out to Vegas post-graduation. But, when they’d let the team know in April what the plan was, there’d been a string of quiet apologies as unfortunately timed prior engagements and tight budgets knocked their invite list down to nil. And, while he would have loved to have at least his team there, this was simply a marriage of convenience.

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Linda noticed that there was something wrong with Elvis’s addiction to prescription drugs the first night she slept with him at the Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas;

“…I looked around the room. In addition to several guns on what would become his side of the bed, I noticed an assortment of at least a dozen prescription medicine bottles.

"Have you been sick?” I asked.

“No, why?” he said. “Why do you ask that?”

“Well, what are all those prescription medicine bottles then?”

He looked around, so used to seeing the bottles, he apparently didn’t even notice them anymore, and he had to stare at them for a moment before he formulated an answer.

“Oh, yeah, yeah, I had a little respiratory thing, but I’m fine now,” he said. “It’s just leftover medicine from when I was sick.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you were sick;’ I said.

I believed him, because, at that point, I had no reason not to. I’d grown up in a household where my parents didn’t even have any alcohol in the house, not even beer. My parents both smoked cigarettes, which I hated, but that was it. I didn’t even know that people abused prescription drugs. And so, of course, I didn’t doubt his explanation….” (A Little Thing Called Life by Linda Thompson)

The Signs Going To Las Vegas Together
  • Aries: Playing poker; winning big
  • Taurus: In their hotel room, eating room service
  • Gemini: Signs up with Leo and Libra to dance with the show girls
  • Cancer: In the hotel arcade trying to win stuffed animals
  • Leo: Strutting their stuff on stage and getting the most tips
  • Virgo: Chilling with Taurus in the hotel room, watching TV
  • Libra: Not as confident as Gemini and Leo but still super sexy, eventually warms up and outshines everybody
  • Scorpio: Watching the show and enjoying it a little too much
  • Sagittarius: Playing poker with Aries; can't keep a straight face
  • Capricorn: Sitting at the slot machines; keeps hitting the jackpot
  • Aquarius: Cheering everyone on in all of their different endeavors
  • Pisces: At the slot machines with Capricorn; completely drunk; crying because they keep losing their money
  • *thank you to the anon who suggested this : ) send suggestions to us @cancercornastrology*
Viva Las Vegas ➡ Troye & Olly

Olly sat on the window sill of one of the many hotel rooms in Las Vegas, knees to his chest and idly staring out at all the lights that blanketed the city. He was in a slight trance and not even really seeing the lights at all so much as just letting his mind wander. They simply provided a backdrop for it. He’d been quieter than usual lately and stuck in his own head, which tended to happen when he was exhausted, jet lagged, or overwhelmed by his own thoughts. His band mates always noticed when it happened and knew how to pull him out of those moods, whether it was cracking jokes to lighten his spirits or asking leading questions to encourage Olly to talk about whatever was on his mind. Otherwise, uninterrupted, he could stay in that state for hours at a time. He looked away from the window and back into the room when he heard the bathroom door open, and did his best to muster up a smile when he saw Troye. “Did you have a nice shower?” he asked, turning and dropping his feet from the window sill.

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