las vegas cosplay

So, my best bro Dean ( theflamesthesword ) cosplayed as Valdimir to surprise us when he came to con with us on Sunday.

He’s a big fan of Vlad and Matt as a ship, so I let him get shippy pictures with my wife. xD And as a joke, I screamed, “DON’T TOUCH MY BOYFRIEND” and pretended to kick him in the stroganoff. 

These things happened. 

I’m not saying I’m proud, they just did. 

Have you guys seen this photo?  Like I said where I saw it on facebook…

“There is nothing about this picture I do not like. Yo, Steve Argyle… this is custom tailored Minion fandom gold!”

So… head count.  Here we have Jaclyn, Minion #486, and Christine, Minion #86 (… curious numerical anomaly) posing in front of Steve’s versions of their namesake planeswalkers Chandra Nalaar and Liliana Vess.

This photo was taken at GP Las Vegas 2015.

Yoooooo, if you’re planning on partying at Star Trek Las Vegas this year, we hope you’ll stop to see us! As we did last year, we will post pictures to help you find us, or notes on where we’re going that day. We have some super fun cosplays planned for this year and really want to meet you!!
Send a message if you want to contact us directly or make arrangements to meet up. Can’t wait!