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for the fic title thing: "incomplete"

this would be a nurseydex established-relationship fic where nursey collects something that dex thinks is really mundane, like maybe state quarters. and he has all the states except for one, let’s say nevada. and he can’t for the life of him find a fucking nevada quarter. and dex teases him about it all the time because dex thinks it’s dumb because dex is just like that yknow. but then one day nursey tells him the story about why he collects them, and it’s deep as hell in a way that nursey often pretends to be but isn’t really, only this time it actually is v deep. maybe it has to do with his grandparents or something god idk im not deep enough to come up with one. but now dex is Motivated. so fast forward to their graduation and dex signs with the aces (i almost wrote golden knights and then remembered that the aces are thing in this universe). when he and nursey come home to their new las vegas apartment for the first time, dex proposes using a nevada quarter (and a ring too of course)

Tater’s Kittens

Tater and Kit finally find a way to get along…

Kent pulled into his spot in the parking garage of his apartment building, a smile tugging at his lips as he spied his boyfriend’s motorcycle parked in its usual guest spot. They made a point of leaving it in long term parking for any such impromptu surprises. The blonde quickly made his way up to his floor, digging through his pockets searching for his keys. They jingled softly reminding him of the bell on Kit’s collar as the right one finally slid home in the lock. The door stuck for a moment before giving way into the apartment.

It’s gonna rain tonight…

Despite his best efforts Kent had made zero head way in making the two most important people in his life, his boyfriend and his darling cat, get along. Granted it usually took Kit a hot minute to warm up to anyone but it was beginning to get ridiculous. He’d been dating Alexei for nearly a year and she still hissed threateningly or fled the room at the mere sight of him. It couldn’t be his scent as plenty of his clothes and other things had taken residence in his Las Vegas apartment over the course of their relationship. As hard as he tried there seemed to be nothing he could do.

The warm smells of Tater’s cooking hit Kent in the face like a bright wave, his mouth instantly beginning to water. “Tater? Babe when did you get in? I didn’t know you were coming this early.” Tater’s large frame filled the narrow kitchen where he stirred something on the stove. The Aces’ captain dropped his bag by the door with a thump before making his way to his large boyfriend.

“I surprise my kitten, make supper for cold night.” The happy, almost childlike, smile returned to Kent’s mouth as he gazed up at his partner.

How’d I get so lucky?

“Shower, we eat after. You stink bad as Poots.” Kent scoffed at the chirp but quickly retreated toward the bathroom only to be swatted from behind by Tater.

“Hurry or it get cold.” The blonde rolled his eyes. With the door shut he quickly got to work, peeping under the furniture, behind the curtains, in the closet, checking all of Kit’s favorite hiding places. Before climbing in the shower he even did a quick sweep of the large bathroom.

Twenty minutes later the bedroom door opened letting out the last tendrils of steam from his shower. “Alexie have you seen Kit?” His worry tinged voice called through from the bedroom as he did a second sweep of the master.

“Is with me.”

“No, really Tater, I can’t find her.”

Is with me.” Tater insisted a second time from the living room. “Come. See yourself.”

Kent quickly tugged on one of Tater’s many shirts that had taken up a home in his dresser and some black sweats before coming out of the bedroom. The sight before him stopped Kent in his tracks. Tater gazed back from his usual spot on the far side of the couch, his large fingers working away at the needles in his hand. A ball of black and silver yarn waited between the outstretched paws of Kent’s faithful companion Kit Purrson.

“Now my two kitten like Alexei.”

“Two kitten?” Kent looked back confused as he sank into the cushions of his favorite chair. A hockey game, the Schooners and some other team Kent hadn’t bothered to notice, was playing on the big screen but the smaller man had yet to pay it any mind. His green grey eyes lingered on the dancing thread between his boyfriend’s fingers. In perfect sync each time Tater pulled on the ball Kit would release it only to bat it away and chase after it once he was done pulling.

“How can you even do that?”

Even over the game and the electric fireplace Kent could still hear the gentle clicking of the pair of bamboo needles. The D-man finished the row on his needle. “I has many skill not only hockey.. Da, my babushka teach me when I small child. ‘Keep fingers warm in cold Russian winter Alexei,’ she tell me. I think she want extra worker.” Tater’s loud chesty laugh echoed through the room; normally when Tater laughed Kit cleared the room but this time much to Kent’s surprise she hopped up on the sofa next to the large man. His laughter softened as she rubbed her head against his foot. “See now both kitten love me.” Kent came and joined his favorite people on the couch, a soft smile on his lips.

“Yeah baby both kittens love you very much,” Kent replied pressing a sweet kiss to Tater’s cheek. The smaller man curled up against the large Russian, his beloved cat curled up on his lap, as they watched the game. Once he had a full belly the gentle sound of kit’s purring, the rain that begun to fall, and the rhythmic clicking of Tater’s knitting needles quickly lulled Kent into sleep.  

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Oh dolly! You are now Paradex!! Welcome! That fic was a beaut! Can i request Paradex "please talk to me" ? If you have the time? (Id love angsty Dex, but its up to you doll!). And thanks for answering my other Paradex prompt!! :-) :-) :-)

(you’re welcome, love!! i hope this is up to par!! also- working on some SAUCY paradex smut for a separate prompt right now, so if the mild angst of this gets you sad, you’ll hopefully be cheered up in an hour or so. cw for )

“Hey, babe, it’s me. Did the game go okay? I’ll, uh, call you after mine. Bye.” 

“Hey, Will, it’s Kent again. You aren’t answering my texts, and it’s been a few days now, so I thought I’d try calling you. Call me back when you can. Bye.” 

“Dex. Did I do something wrong? Just, call me so I know you’re okay. I, uh, I love you. Bye.” 

In the last four days, Dex’s phone has been flooded. 17 voicemails, 61 text messages. All from Kent. And the boy’s not letting up, either. It’s almost one in the morning (Kent was never one for timezones), and Dex’s phone, resting facedown on his bedside table, is still buzzing. The boy is dedicated. Too dedicated, arguably. 

He’d told Dex he loved him five days ago. And in response, Dex had gone completely ghost on him. 

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I keep thinking of prompts and sending them to you, sorry!! Hope it helps through!! Anyway I just read your little Kent coming out and swoops supporting, so I was again thinking about how I want Kent to be happy and have good friends. So what about patater where tater and swoops/aces organise a big party for Kent? Or just like thanksgiving ? I don't know, some kind of event where he's always been alone and finally has a supportive network and family who wanna surprise and love him :) :) :)

I have been saving this for Thanksgiving and then I got so busy I forgot. Here it is! Sorry it’s late. Thanks for the prompt!

It is, as always, on ao3.

Kent comes back from picking Kit up from the vet and finds his apartment filled with his teammates. When he wrestles open his front door and sees them all over his living room and kitchen, he freezes, the cat carrier in one hand and a bag of Chinese takeout in the other.

All heads turn towards him.

Kent stands there slack-jawed for several seconds and then exclaims, “The fuck?”

“Sup, Captain!” calls Finch. He leans out of the kitchen, wearing a blue apron with a picture of a turkey on it and the words “I’m all about that baste” written beneath it. Christ, where the fuck did he even find that? Finch waves and says, “Did you know you were completely out of food?”

Kent holds up his bag of Chinese takeout. “What the hell are you all doing here?”

Swoops comes up and takes the bag from him. “Having Thanksgiving with you.”

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The crisis began, he says, after last year’s presidential election, when Luntz became profoundly depressed. For more than a month, he tried to stay occupied, but nothing could keep his attention. Finally, six weeks after the election, during a meeting of his consulting company in Las Vegas, he fell apart. Leaving his employees behind, he flew back to his mansion in Los Angeles, where he stayed for three weeks, barely going outside or talking to anyone.

“I just gave up,” Luntz says.

His side had lost. Mitt Romney had, in his view, squandered a good chance at victory with a strategically idiotic campaign. (“I didn’t work on the campaign. It just sucked, as a professional. And it killed me because I realized on Election Day that there’s nothing I can do about it.”) But Luntz’s side had lost elections before. His dejection was deeper: It was, he says, about why the election was lost. “I spend more time with voters than anybody else,” Luntz says. “I do more focus groups than anybody else. I do more dial sessions than anybody else. I don’t know shit about anything, with the exception of what the American people think.”

It was what Luntz heard from the American people that scared him. They were contentious and argumentative. They didn’t listen to each other as they once had. They weren’t interested in hearing other points of view. They were divided one against the other, black vs. white, men vs. women, young vs. old, rich vs. poor. “They want to impose their opinions rather than express them,” is the way he describes what he saw. “And they’re picking up their leads from here in Washington.” Haven’t political disagreements always been contentious, I ask? “Not like this,” he says. “Not like this.”


The Atlantic, “The Agony of Frank Luntz.”

This conservative GOP pollster who specialized in stirring up the shitstorm and dividing the country while working as a Fox “News” contributor goes on to blame President Obama for fomenting class warfare.

Fuck this piece of shit.

A/N- Watching Olicity centered episodes/ looking at Thanksgiving recipes on pintrest got me thinking about the couple’s first holiday season as a real couple… so I wrote this quick drabble.  It’s not much but I may use it as a prologue for future one-shots.

“Why does your mom think she isn’t invited to Thanksgiving? Do you not spend Thanksgiving with your mother?” Felicity heard Oliver sit up in the bed behind her as the clicks on her keyboard slowed to a stop.

“What?” She asked, hoping she had just been too focused on work to properly hear his question.

“Thanksgiving.  We already invited my sister, Diggle’s family, and the Lances to our place.  I was trying to plan-”

Felicity closed the laptop, cutting off Oliver’s explanation, and placed it on the edge of the bed next to her before turning back to face her boyfriend.  Her eyes were drawn to the phone on her pillow next to him, which immediately dinged with another reply.

“Don’t you dare respond,” she cautioned, causing Oliver to draw his hand back to the covers over his lap.  “I thought we talked about you texting my mom behind my back after the surprise visit fiasco?”

Oliver broke into the smile he always relied on to get him out of trouble; the same one that convinced her to be late to work this morning.

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Need Roommate Feb 2015 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Hello! My name is Sam, and I’m a 26 year old trans man who could really use a roommate for the year of 2015. I am living in North Las Vegas in an apartment I really enjoy (I think my neighbors are awesome).

It is a three bedroom ½ bath town home with a laundrymat on the premises. We are very close to multiple lines of transit, grocery stores, fast food places, etc, and I have a car, so I can give you rides if you needed me to occasionally (cuz omg gas prices). :) There is a library close by as well.

Rent would be $305 each month plus half of the utilities (so maybe about $350-$375?). I’m happy sharing food and cooking supplies. :)

Due to C-PTSD, I have a hard limit on no sex in the apartment, and I’d absolutely need to be introduced to all guests that arrive and told when they’re coming and when they get there and such- please don’t surprise me with people omg. 

Also due to trauma, I would much, much prefer my roommate to not be heteromantic-heterosexual.

It would also be great if you’re pagan-friendly, multiplicity/plurality/DID-friendly, and otherkin/fictionkin/fictive-friendly. Even if we never talk about those topics, I do want to feel comfortable and safe in my own home and that would really help me (especially because this request is also related in part to my past trauma).

I am open to potential roommates of all genders, though I’d feel slightly more comfortable living with another man/masculine person.

I’d also feel more comfortable with someone around my age (20s-30s).

I would need to ask you a few more questions if you were interested in becoming my roommate, and I’m more than open to any questions that you may have as well. :)

I don’t smoke (and can’t have smoking inside of the apartment due primarily to my job as a perfumer), but I do drink lightly, and I have a friendly cat. 

I am biromantic demisexual and cis passing and poly. I’m mixed race and white passing. I’m disabled as well but not visibly most times.

I am very laid back, friendly, and chatty, but I can absolutely give you your space if and when you’d prefer. :)

In addition to loving to talk with people, I’m a calm, quiet person who enjoys working at my home business, studying, and talking with my partners, family, and friends online, and wandering around the city exploring when I have the gas to do so. XD

I love travelling, music, horror, comics/movies/games/tv/books, animals, history, all sorts of stuff! I love learning about new things and people too. :)

Please feel free to e-mail me at if you may be interested in being my roommate, and thank you for your time! :)