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A few thoughts on "This is What We Do"

As with the 100th and 150th episodes, this was a really strong team episode that showed the agents inside and outside the office.  There was a personal aspect to this episode with Kensi but there was to Callen in the 100th.  All and all, a really strong hour.

Callen and Sam have switched places from the first time we saw them in their own show.  Callen is the more stable of the two, Sam at a rough place in his life.  Michelle’s murder is still the worst storytelling decision they ever made but, unlike Dom’s death, has had serious repercussions this season.  

While Sam may not be on the top of his game personally – he asked for a hamburger – he’s still a pro’s pro in the field.  

Mosley just got a lot more interesting.  WITSEC?  Parental abduction?  I’d like to know more.  And this was two episodes in a row where her character was the boss they needed her to be.

Kensi and Deeks.  I didn’t 100% buy Kensi’s zen “oh this doesn’t matter” nonsense in “Queen Pin” (and @teamrebecchi, Kensi’s line in that episode was a variation of the title – “I chose this job.  And I choose to be okay with it”).  Asakeem nearly took away her career, her future with Deeks and also could have badly injured Callen, Sam and Deeks.  "I don’t feel anything" is Kensi to the world when Asakeem is locked up.  She’s still angry and has every right to be.

Deeks’s mom is a bit free with the “secret agent” talk.  Please let Guy be a good guy.  Because if he’s not, that could be a big, big problem.  And since the Olympics are this February, and everyone on TV gets married in November, February or May (sweeps), I don’t think we’re getting a wedding for a while.

Did love Deeks’s conversation about the Jones sisters.  First, it got Kensi, Callen and Sam not talking about Kensi and Asakeem and second, it was hilarious.

Eric had no chance with the Jones sisters.  Whatever he did was going to be the wrong thing so he just plowed through and it worked.  The Count Chocula worked for him today.

I’m more and more interested in the Jones sisters.  Nell’s one sister has been dead for 12-years.  Sydney wanted her to know the world was hard for women but wanted her to know that when they were kids.  That happy family in the Christmas video call doesn’t seem all that happy all the time.

Harley remains awesome.

Loved Hetty’s last line.  Because it was true.

Really good episode.  



Las Chicas del Cable (2017- ) - 17/25

“If you were a woman in 1928, freedom seemed impossible to achieve. To society, we were just housewives and mothers. We didn’t have the right to have dreams or ambitions. To seek a future, many women had to travel far and wide, and others had to confront the norms of a backward, chauvinist society. In the end, all of us, rich or poor, wanted the same thing: to be free.”

NCIS: LOS ANGELES: “This Is What We Do” - Teaser/Act One

Previouslys has Asakeem, Hetty in Vietnam, dying Michelle, AJ, the Grumpy Old Men and the gold, Hetty as prisoner.

Truck is riding down the highway at night.  Border Patrol stops them.  The driver is nervous when he’s told to turn off the engine.  He’s hauling fertilizer to Fresno.  Border Patrol figures out quickly that there are people being smuggled into the country.  As the Border Patrol gets the people out of the truck, one has a big gun and kills everyone – the people being smuggled in, the driver, the Border Patrol Agents.

Cue credits.

The Hetty scene from TVLine.  My money is on Dang dying with a bullet in his head.  Probably from Hetty.  Skip probably.

Deeks and Kensi are eating at a diner when Roberta and Guy arrive.  Kensi is so excited.  Loves that Guy is a trainer.  Guy is lovely.  And in on Deeks and Kensi’s jobs.  They almost got Osama Bin Laden when Kensi was injured, according to Roberta.  Seems Deeks was born before Roberta married Gordo.  Deeks fakes a call into the office to get out of breakfast.

Sam called in sick.  Yesterday was Sam and Michelle’s anniversary.  There is a case – the shooting was outside of Camp Pendleton.  Mosley has a helicopter taking Kensi and Deeks to the crime scene.  Callen is looking for Sam.

Sam’s boat is beautiful inside.  It has a sea lion outside.  Sam is hungover.  Callen has a cure that is both violent and effective.  They’re off to work.  The sea lion is watching the boat.

Kensi and Deeks sneak peek.  Thought that “got to pee” line was a nice call back to their first big trip in the field in “Borderline”.  


NCIS: LOS ANGELES: “This Is What We Do” - Act Five

Shah wants a lawyer.  They’re in the upstairs interrogation room.  He has to help them – Shah says the terrorists will kill him I they find out he’s working with NCIS.

Kamsour – the restaurant guy – wants to meet Sam alone with Asakeem.  Sam arrives with his “wife” – Mosley.  Callen and Deeks are in a lifeguard’s truck.  Kensi is in overwatch.  Kamsour takes Sam’s money and Asakeem and then says something in Syrian.  Sam freaks, so does Asakeem.  A sniper takes out Asakeem.  

Lots of shooting ensues.  Nell and Harley take out a pair running off.  Sydney is impressed with Nell’s action skills.

Mosley got the money back and the Rolls Royce wasn’t shot up.  Asakeem is waking to the beach.  Kensi threatens to shoot him in the ass but he is praying.  Deeks tells her she has to let it go.  She tells him she’s trying.

Nell and Harley return.  Sydney called Nell “impressive”.   Sydney leaves.  Nell asks why was Sydney so hard on Nell.  The world is hard on women, according to Sydney.  But look at where Nell is now.  She’s amazing.  

Sam finds Mosley watching a sleeping Enrique in the boatshed.  They’re still looking for why the terrorists are in LA.  Mosley tells Sam if he needs some time off, he can take all the time he needs.  Mosley found an aunt for Enrique.  Mosley has a son Enrique’s age, Derek.  Derek lives with his father and Mosley doesn’t’ know where that is.

In Hetty’s mansion, Callen is looking around and runs into an armed AJ.  They raid Hetty’s liquor cabinet and share their worries.  AJ thinks she’s protecting NCIS from whatever she’s doing.  She’s sold her homes – this one is still on the market.  Callen asks why didn’t Hetty use the gold but AJ says they would have all had to approve its use.  AJ tells Callen to set the alarm.

Back in Vietnam, Hetty is returned to a cell.  Keane is there.  He tells her she shouldn’t have come back for him.  She said her life is full of things she shouldn’t have done.  Keane is much nicer here.  Keane asks if anyone knows she’s there.  She says no, but they’re coming for her.  She trained them, she left them the tools and it is only a matter of time.

The bumper includes Callen in a rather dreamy looking blue shirt.  Joelle, a fire, the usual next week.