L.A. Public Schools Will Now Be ‘Safe Zones’ Where ICE Can’t Get To Immigrant Students

The second largest public school district in the United States is taking a stand against immigration raids. Los Angeles United School District voted this week to make all of its schools a “safe zone” for students, meaning that it will not allow immigration officials to enter district property.

“Do we bend the rules in service to a greater good? And if we do, what does it say of us? That we are liars? That we are frauds? That we are weak? <…>

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted. Does our creed provide the answer, then? That one may be two things – opposite in every way – simultaneously? And why not? Am I not proof? We of noble intentions, possessed of barbaric means? We who celebrate the sanctity of life and then promptly take it from those we deem our enemies?” –  Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Portrait of a Young Fiancée, or “La Bella Principessa”

Probably from around 1490, but the modern provenance of the drawing is known only from 1955 and is documented only from 1998

Renaissance painter (some say Leonardo da Vinci but that has been disputed). The painting is a mixed media drawing in pen and brown ink and red, black and white chalk, on vellum, 33 by 23.9 cm, bonded on oak board. 

Very nice painting anyhow …