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What do you know about Rimmel London's foundation? I know their match perfection and clean finish foundations are some of the cheapest at target but I wanted to know if they are actually good or the quality is reflected in the price? Thanks!

I’m not a fan of Rimmel’s foundations… they don’t have much of a shade selection (EVEN the ‘Match Perfection’ line.. the name is really deceiving.  There are only something like five shades.)  I also think that they don’t last long at all, and personally they make me break out horribly.  They aren’t THAT cheap, so you might as well spend a couple extra dollars on a better foundation that will match your skintone, or wait for other brands to go on sale ;)

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What is your opinion on using eyeliner to line the whole eye verses just putting it on the upper lid?

In my opinion (and this is mainly my opinion, sandwiched between actual fact)… I only like the look of eyeliner on both lashlines for special events, with eyeshadow especially.  Why?  Lining your entire eye will instantly make your eyes look smaller and more narrow.  It can also make you look a bit juvenile… eyeliner is very harsh, so simply lining your eyes and not doing much else with your makeup can be a little uneven and off-putting.

Putting eyeliner on your upper lashline and NOT on your lower lashline will open up your eyes more and make you look more awake.  Lining just your upper rims is more casual and can be worn with less makeup all around.  

(I wanted to use the same person in each instance to show you the difference that it makes).

If you are lining your whole eye, try to soften the lines with a qtip or your finger.  Make sure you’re wearing mascara as well!  My BIGGEST pet peeve is girls who wear a ton of liner but no mascara or eyeshadow.  GAH.

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I'm very cheap when it comes to drug store products but I really wanted to try some dry shampoo. got2b rockin' it dry shampoo was on sale at my walgreens so I bought it. Do you know anything about it? Did I just waste 4 dollars?

You definitely didn’t waste your money - it does the job well!  And it’s pretty inexpensive.  It’s not my absolute favorite dry shampoo (Pssst! is)  but it’s a very close runner up! :)