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Everyone says I’m shy like Benny, & maybe I am, he shrugged, looking down at his feet. He’d inadvertently been digging his toes into the sand as he spoke, burying them slightly. But when Benny was my age, he had the most popular jock in our school as his boyfriend & the hottest guy on the other side of the island for some side action. Meanwhile nobody even looks at me. I’ll always just be Benny’s little brother or Cole the linebacker’s son.

That’s not how I see you, Sterling replied softly. Can I ask you a personal question? He waited until he saw Josiah nod before continuing. Do you date guys or girls?

Josiah chuckled, sitting back against Sterling’s leg. I told you, I don’t date anyone. 

You know what I mean, Sterling pressed, grabbing Josiah’s hand. 

I, uh… he stammered, caught off guard by the action. He turned towards the other boy, his brows drawn together. Suddenly the tone of the conversation seemed more serious. Both, I guess. I’ve liked girls & I’ve liked guys. 

Me too, Sterling smiled.

Not that I’ve had any luck with either. Brooke had you & constantly had other guys trying to get her attention. Benny had to keep a schedule so he knew which boyfriend he could fuck when. Meanwhile I’ve never had a kiss or been on a single fucking date. 

Wait… Sterling interjected. You’ve never had a kiss? Seriously?

I know it’s pathetic & I’d appreciate you not ridiculing me for it.

Shut up, Sterling laughed loudly. I’m not ridiculing you. I was.. I wanted to ask you if I could change that. 


When they saw Bennett & Arashi heading towards them a while later, Sterling swiftly hid the now nearly empty bottle behind his bag before they could see it. We’ll save the rest for later.

Do they do anything else? Josiah scoffed, his eyes on his older brother. He & Arashi had been all over each other since they arrived at the beach that evening. 

Sterling shrugged. I’m sure if we weren’t here, they’d be fucking, he replied playfully. 

Josiah scowled. Thanks for that visual. 

Sorry, I was only kidding, Sterling mumbled, his face falling. Looking over at the redhead, his eyes filled with concern. Are you alright, Josiah?

The boy sighed before answering. I guess I just feel like I’m crashing the party or something. You guys are here to celebrate your graduation & I still have two more years left. I only got invited for the same reason I always get invited, because Benny & Brooke don’t want me to feel left out. So here I am, 16 years of being the pesky little brother who always tags along. 


He practically leapt out of his seat when he heard the knock on the door. Suddenly he was filled with excitement. By the time he & Bennett had really met & started to get to know one another, the redhead was already seeing Ezra. It hadn’t stopped Bennett from making his true feeling known. Many times he had offered to end his relationship. Though he returned Benny’s feelings, Arashi had put him off & tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to shy away from the obviously blossoming romance. At one point, it had become too much & they completely threw caution to the wind.

Needless to say, Arashi was beyond ready for Bennett to finally be his & his alone. As he watched the redhead out the window, his heart fluttered. He pulled open the door & was met with a familiar, bright smile. Good morning, boyfriend, Bennett laughed.

Boyfriend, huh? I like the sound of that, Arashi mused. So the all star?

Somehow already knew. He bitched me out, called me all kinds of names & then ended things himself before I could even say much. Bennett paused, a sigh escaping his soft lips. Not sure how he found out but I guess we weren’t always very secretive. 

Arashi frowned as he pulled the man in close. I’m sorry, Benny.

For what? Bennett chortled, a gleam in his pale green eyes. Giving into me? Loving me back? You better not fucking apologize for that.

Arashi snorted. Why the hell would I apologize for either of those things? I’m definitely not fucking sorry for them, he shrugged his broad shoulders nonchalantly. I’m just sorry if us not being more discreet made things worse, especially if you’re upset about how things went down.

Upset?! Bennett scoffed loudly. But I got what I wanted. 

Me? Arashi breathed as the redhead leaned in, nodding before their lips met. 

It’s dark.. outside.. & then starts raining once I finally get to shoot the next part -_- Love his face though

But seriously… Are you guys able to tell him & Benny apart okay? They’re basically identical *sigh* Except different eye colors (which is hard to see until you’re close because small eyes) & their chins (Benny has Cole’s & Josiah has Jude’s). So I’m hoping the hair is making it easy enough to tell which is which…


Arashi sat staring at the tv, his leg bouncing anxiously. He’d been like that nearly all morning as he waited to hear back from Bennett. The man was supposed to be meeting with his boyfriend to officially end things. Though he had no doubt that Benny would follow through, he was nervous about how awful the whole conversation may be. Arashi cared deeply about Bennett & loathed the thought of him being upset. 

He tried to focus on the screen & set his other thoughts aside. One major league game had just ended, their hometown team securing an easy victory. As the announcers ran through stats for the next game, they were showing portraits of each player flashing one after another at the same time. On first base is one of Sunset Valley’s strongest batters, Van Hayes-Larsen.

Arashi sighed, rubbing his eyes as a photo of Benny’s older brother appeared. Of course, he mumbled. Apparently there would be no escaping his thoughts of Bennett until he finally heard from him.