Lars Van der Haar didn’t have his usual fast start in Rome. On the other hand, Niels Albert didn’t have his usual slow start. That meant when Niels decided to go, the top guys weren’t there to follow or bridge up. Sven Nys and Lars were way behind but both had an impressive second half of the race, quickly reeling and dropping everyone but Francis Mourey. They managed to drop the French Champion before the finish but it was too late to catch Albert… World Cup leader Van der Haar took the sprint for 2nd (or did the World Champ, who doesn’t care about the World Cup standings at this point, let the young dutch get as much points as possible?).


In #SVENNESS 2.5 we look at the Superprestige Ruddervoorde. The race features a lot of turns, a nice rhythm section, some sand, and a whole lot of looking around. A windy day on a course that didn’t have many super technical features made for a strategic race. We focus on running vs. riding, carrying the bike and some start strategy.

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