lars lerup

Lars Lerup presenting the Urbanism course of SS 2011

Lars Lerup, Swedish born architect and former dean of the Rice School of Architecture in Houston, is offering the compulsory Urbanism course to the first year students at the DIA this semester. 

The students, who are currently in their second semester at the DIA, will deal with the concept of architecture in the light of the city. According to Lars Lerup, “The goal is to help students form their own perspective on the discipline of architecture and to broaden their understanding of the relentless urbanization that dominates the modern world.”

Cities to be discussed were chosen for their current relevance to modern architecture and urbanism and include Pompeii, Arezzo, Bern, London, Paris, San Juan, Stockholm and Houston.

Readings covered include texts by Reyner Banham, Walter Benjamin, Mike Davis, Guy Debord, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.