Sometimes it takes losing something,

to realize what you’ve had.

Always in my heart @Harry_Styles.

Your’s sincerely, Louis

it’s hard to forget someone

who gave you so much to remember

I want you here with me, 

like how I pictured it,

so I dont have to keep imagining

love sometimes comes like a dream, 

and leaves like a nightmare

its never easy missing someone, 

and knowing you cant do anything about it

trying to forget someone you love

is like trying to remember someone you never knew

‘Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker 

Is that so wrong? 

Is it so wrong? That you make me strong 

so stay there,

cause ill be coming over, 

while our blood’s still young,

it’s so young, it runs,

won’t stop til it’s over,

won’t stop til we surrender

when i miss you, 

i dont have to go far..

i just have to look inside my heart

because thats where ill find you

life would be beautiful

if you were by my side,

 because you have painted a smile in my heart

that will last for a lifetime 

i was playing back 

a thousand memories baby,

thinking about everything we’ve been through

time goes by alot slower,

when you miss someone you love