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In case you missed the tumblr meltdown of May 7th, 2014: Here is a Recap

please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times…

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Larry Stylinson Fanfiction Recommendations Part 3

Heres yet another 12 more Larry fanfics I recommend you should all go and read:

1.) Escapade by Anonymous on AO3

2.) Truth Be Told (I Was Never Yours) by JustForTommo on AO3

3.) The Next Big Thing by PoorMedea on AO3

4.) Closer by significationary on AO3

5.) (Take You Back Where You Belong) This Could Be Our Favourite Song by tomlinsuhhn on AO3

6.) Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows on AO3

7.) Wild and Unruly by 100percentsassy & gloria_andrews on AO3

8.) Ghost Of You by NiamJenn1994 on AO3

9.) Nicotine by KrisStylinson on AO3

10.) Nothing Else But Us Right Here by supernope on AO3

11.) To Be Loved (And To Be In Love) by donnyslouid on AO3

12.)  Into The Blue by Zarah5 on AO3 (You need an AO3 account to read this)

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If you have any questions about these fics then ask away, I will answer all questions I am given.