Larry poem

Love is equal,

Love is pride,

Love is something you cannot hide.

But they’re told to hide,

and they just cry inside.

But they’re forced to lie,

will they let them out before they die?

Never in his life,

had he have to lie,

about his true love.

But it’s a guy.

It’s wrong in this world,

to love someone of the same gender.

Maybe we can change that if we surrender.

But we shall never forget.

The two boys that have met,

in the bathroom on a singing show.

“Hi” and “Oops” were their first words you know.

Green to blue,

Harry to Lou.

They must hide ‘til the end.

But they won’t forget,

what happened in the bathroom that day,

“It was love at first sight” Harry must say.

Modest must regret,

“Let us out, let us out!.” They cried.

“No, no. You must stay inside!”

“But-but, most people already know!”

“No, no, I don’t think so.”

So they sighed and they cried,

Because the two lovers must stay inside.

Because we will not forget.

Blue to green.

Lou has seen,

what has been,

on the other side of the screen,

Of Modest!s work of art.

But he shall never forget,

what he has seen.

A glint of light in a shade of green.

Maybe it’s for the best,

maybe it’s just a test.

But for Lou has seen,

that lovely shade of green,

in the eyes of his true love.

Love is equal,

Love is pride,

Love is something you cannot hide.

But they’re told to hide.

Harry's letter for Louis

I don’t know where life will take us. I don’t know what’s in store for us. I’m not sure about anything anymore except for how much I love you. These months with you were days filled with a type of happiness that was once completely unknown to me.Your smile was a gift, and I asked myself every minute and every single passing second what I have ever done in order to receive you. I don’t deserve you, I don’t deserve your love or your voice or any part of you at all - but for some reason you choose me. And I promise you that no matter what happens to us - no matter where we might go, or what obstacles we might face, I will do everything in my power to keep you from hurting. I will protect you, Harry Styles, i will love you and love you until I have no more love to give. I will be there for you, I will cherish you.
Please let me do that. For us?
Always in my heart, Harry. 
Yours sincerely,