I do not know exactly what the two images were that I put together here; but one is a photograph of Battersea Power station and the other is a nineteenth-century (?) watercolour of a crowd watching an orchestra in a park. It could quite possibly be of the Vauxhall pleasure gardens…

It is quite green because the slides were fairly old and it seems that the magenta has been lost to some degree leaving a cyan and yellow heavy image…

An overlay of Henry Moore's King and Queen in Florence and a Canadian mountain range. 

The slides of this mountain range were commissioned by Sir Martin Conway famous art critic and mountaineer. He had strong environmentalist concerns and thought that these slides would outlive the mountains themselves. 


These are some photos I took of old large plate glass slides from the  1950s and 60s. They are beautiful objects and have a satisfying weight to them. The slide of the tiger attacking the lamb has ‘Sir Kenneth Clark’ handwritten on the top - when I was holding this I was very aware that I was handling an object that had a rich history and that few people had looked at since the 1980s when the projectors that used these slides were phased out.

I was only looking at these slides, but I own a few glass plate slides of mountains that I intend to use as a part of a project soon.