You Made A Slow Disaster Out Of Me

All of a sudden it was like all the sound and heat got sucked out of the car and they were floating in midair, burning stars just orbiting each other, or comets crashing into the sun. It was cataclysmic, like the end of the earth was hurtling towards them, and Louis slumped forward with a deep moan, his breath puffing out over Harry’s forehead, as he came so hard tiny stars exploded behind his vision and the earth swirled underneath his hands. Like Harry was the center of everything and gravity was pulling him down.

Louis was the king of illegal street racing who rarely lost, Harry was the newcomer who beat him in the first race and nearly ran him over. Fuck Harry Styles. (No seriously, could they have sex, please???? - right after they stopped screaming at each other in the frozen food would be nice, but he wasn’t picky - the front seat of Banksy would work just fine.)
The Dreams That You Wish

Cinderella/Ever After AU in which Louis is the world’s sassiest servant, Harry is a closeted prince with a deadline, Zayn is Harry’s chaperone, Liam is given the unenviable task of trying to distract Zayn long enough that his sister, Druscilla, can seduce Prince Harry (hint: doomed to failure) and Niall is the worlds most inappropriate fairy godfather.
Destiny, romance, mistaken identity, sexcapades and oblivious!everybody abound in this gross bastardization of one of my all time favourite fairy tales.
i don't wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck

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Harry has been in love with Louis Tomlinson for four years, five months, and thirteen days.

Harry had fallen in love with Louis Tomlinson like how he’d seen in movies, and how he’d read in all the books he’d stolen from Gemma, headfirst and shameless.

The only problem was, that in films and books, love was always either returned instantly, or else it took time for unrequited love to lose the first two letters, and since the first option was obviously not true, Harry decided he would wait for the second to become reality.
And so Harry waited, three years, eight months, and four days, before his heart had been broken by a gentle rejection and a misplaced blowjob, before Louis and Gemma had packed up and gone to Manchester for university.

(Harry is a hopelessly romantic omega and Louis is his sister’s best friend)
DJ Got the Floor to Shake

For the H/L Summer Fic Exchange.

As requested by Calmlikeyou, an AU in which Harry and Louis are interns at Radio 1. Louis is assigned to Greg, and Harry is assigned to Nick. They have a friendly, competitive relationship that also happens to be charged with sexual tension. Of course Greg and Nick have to make a bet about where these two will be caught in a compromising position because two interns with this much chemistry? It’s inevitable.

“Stupid, flirty, silly boys being silly - of course they fall in love, of course they suck at actually communicating that to each other with words”–hopefully this fic fulfills the overall sense of the prompt if not the exact details.
Bitter Sweet and Strange

He agreed to stay so his sister could go free, but he never signed up for this.

Beauty and the Beast AU in which Harry is taken prisoner in King Louis ‘The Beast’ Tomlinson’s castle, Master Liam Payne may or may not be a torture specialist, Master Zayn Malik may or may not be the Master of War, and no one will tell him what the hell Niall does around here.

Basically, Harry hates his enemy with a passion. Then he kind of has a passion for his enemy. Then he wonders if he and Louis are enemies at all.
Can I Make It Any More Obvious?

“I don’t have a good past. With boys. I’ve dated some crap guys who’ve done terrible things to me and I've…I’ve done some crazy shit with some guys, and Niall and Liam have always pulled me through, they’ve always had my best interests in mind. And they…they don’t think that you’re good for me.” Louis finished, sighing and looking down at the tiles. “And the least I can do is listen to them, because I really do adore you, but if I get with you and I fuck things up, like I tend to do, then I’ll lose their trust and yours, and I don’t want that. I can’t–I can’t deal with that. It’d kill me.”

[AU where Louis does ballet and Harry is the epitome of everything Louis’ friends want him to stay away from]
May You Enjoy Your New Life

Fandom: One Direction
Story TitleMay You Enjoy Your New Life
Character/Relationships: Harry/Louis (main/endgame), Harry/OFC, Harry/Caroline, Louis/OMC, Liam/Danielle, Zayn/Perrie, Zayn/OFC, Niall/OFC, Gemma/Eleanor, mentions of Louis/Eleanor, basically All The Pairings.
Rating: M/NC-17
Chapter Warnings: Mature concepts, some medical discussion.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. No claim of knowledge or veracity is made towards anyone in the story and no aspersions or claims of character are to be inferred. I have no connection nor permissions from One Direction, X-Factor, Simon Cowell, SyCo Inc., Sony, ITV, or Columbia Records. No libel intended.
Hearts Of Ice [FAVORITE]

Author: dinnerwiththestylinsonss

Rating: I can’t remember, so let’s say NC17 to be safe.

Status: Complete

Summary: Just because Louis was a figure skater didn’t mean he was gay. Just because Harry was an all-star hockey player didn’t mean he was straight. When the two most promising members of the two most important sports at Emerald Hills Academy collide, they’ll have the chance to defy their stereotypes once and for all.