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hey, everyone! so, in celebration of my blog’s two year anniversary and me hitting my goal, i’m finally making a follow forever of my personal favorite blogs. and i made that edit myself too :o

to everyone on here, mutuals or not, thank you for being so amazing, and if you guys ever want a chat, i’m right here. :)



a-bit-extraordilarry beaniegaskarth bewithmeso blowlourry boyfriendsandbeanies cannabislouis caramelfringe carofineflack chopsueyelashes craiclourry cremebrulou curlynotstraight dafinapw datmlechick-1d deludedlarry desperate-larry donnysoldier drunkaster durtyniall dylanolarry


ehgay eleanorjanestyle elounever fiightingirish flourry fringegasms ftwlourry gaybeanies gloubear golarryorgohome harrysgettinghead hazfuckedlou hlkittens imlarryschild infinitelarrystylinson jumpingoffaclifford kingsoflarry


larry-lovatic larryamour larryasylum larrycoincidences larrygaylinso-n larrypatrol larrysinlove larryslove lolitalouis loueah louisfucksharrysenseless louiswstyles loundonson lourrystylinsen masturfates microlouis minilouis motelstyles niamsluts nniam onesixteenthbelgian pegstyles prettyisaprettyword povverbottoms punklouser


quitespecial ratchetlarry roilou sinceimetyouinthetoilet slutmi snowprincesslouis stagekisspers stylinnuendo stylinz stylns sunloubathing tessanat thisismyoneluckyprize tiedships tracedust wellingtonkiss whattarush wouldntlarrybenice zarrylmao zcuis ziallau ziallfuck


these are just my favorites, i didn’t want to make this too long but everyone else in my blogroll is amazing as well. <3<3