In case you missed the tumblr meltdown of May 7th, 2014: Here is a Recap

please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times…

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larrycoincidences replied to your post “Did you know that in order to hear someone whisper to you you have to gently cup their face in your hands. Don’t fight me on this I have proof.”

they’ve also taught me that whispering is most effective when done into each other’s mouths

And let’s not forget that whispering makes you inaudible to microphones, that’s an important one.

I’m not going to call this a follow forever because I don’t know what the future will hold and I also do not feel like telling anyone what to do! so without further ado;

This is a loveletter in the purest sense of the way, a poem that I hum to go to sleep, the glitter that makes my heart explode.

A lot of people on this list mean the world to me, I tell you often but not nearly enough, you’re both my hands,my head and my common sense. 

Aboredchica Amarettos Being-a-fangirl Cheshlure Comeofage1 

Dieinthewinter Ellistheelephant Frombrickstokingston Fromnowoni

Genderblinditem Goodladnicelittlebody Gotbagsofcharm

Harrygilmore Harrysashastyles Harrystylesinmakeup

Harrywillalwaysbelousbaby Heartintears-and-eyeswideopen

Juicy-louture Julietsbb Justasgoodaseachother Justinitfortheharry

Lapelosa Liampaypal Lionboylouis Louisincake Mizzwilde

No-eggplant-today Nudistyles Pixieandcurly Poparoll Queerturtle

Socomicallygay Stylesforstiles Stylinsonbubble Sugarbabyharry

Tarad41390 The-love-laws Thumbloulina Vamqires Wecantalkaboutit


Well then here is the section where I list some people I think are gorgeous beautiful smart and some of them write very well:

Actuallyredorchid Aimmyarrowshigh Bottombunklouis Hooliganhearts
Larrycoincidences Loaded-gunn Starseas Zarah5
larrycoincidences replied to your post:Niall is gonna be that funny and awesome uncle to the Tomlinson kids, always giving them candies & playing video games with them, the i-spoil-your-kids-rotten uncle. Zayn is gonna be the cool uncle with all the cool & zen stuff, the uncle-to-go when the kids have QUESTIONS about stuff. Liam is gonna be the “you mess up with my godchildren i am gonna kick yo ass” to the bullies but the biggest softie to the kids, the i-can’t-say-no-to-a-mini-tommo uncle. Now, we just wait for some Tomlinson kids.

robyn pls i was almost chill today