questions i need answers to:

why has harry changed the lyrics from “need you to keep me from falling apart” to “you’ll always keep me from falling apart” ??

why did louis get the dagger

why the fuck did zayn leave cause “wanting to be a normal 22 year old” is a fucking joke alright

is lima proposing to his lady

has niall lost the hat yet

what the fuck happened in wellington


“It feels like I’m constantly playing

A game that I’m destined to lose
‘Cause I can’t compete with your boyfriend

He’s got twenty-seven tattoos.”

-Larry Stylinson

Louis and Harry must be REALLY serious about each other.. I mean, come on.. It’s a really big commitment to get matching tattoos! 

Even if they would say it's unintentional and their tattoos has nothing to do with each other, they still do!!… Getting a ship and a compass tattooed the SAME day..

Do you even try to convince us you two arent in love anymore?.. You know what we would think about these tattoos…