Keith: So the next time you think that being the best version of yourself doesn’t matter, you look into Peyton’s eyes. And every time you do, you’ll know that is has. And that it does.

leyton + parents support of their relationship

“Just promise me one thing, promise me that when you pick the boy you’re really going to be with, that he’ll be someone who respects you and treats you well. And, it’s someone who makes your heart race and that he’s someone you love because of what he is, not what he does. Because, that’s how I felt about your mother, and that’s how I want you to feel one day. Use your head and follow your heart.”

Favorite Father/Daughter Relationships | Larry & Peyton, One Tree Hill


Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

1x11 The Living Years

LUCAS: Who are you?
LARRY: I’m the guy who’s about to take that rake from you and beat your scrawny ass. I’m her dad. Who are you?
LUCAS: Oh. Sorry. The front door was open and I thought…I’m Lucas.
LARRY: Larry Sawyer. 
PEYTON: Hey dad do you know where my…What are you doing here?
 LARRY: Oh he’s trying to rake me to death.