the thing that keeps bothering me is how Larry is kinda . not written particularly right in the musical?

in the show yea, he’s body builder, kind of ur typical brick shithouse-type character (stronk), but he’s also a Nice person? like he’s shown to be level headed , well-spoken, polite, and just generally a Chill Guy. the episode larry the floor manager is a good example of this, he’s just a well meaning dude who is sometimes a jerk but often doesn’t Mean to Be.

in the musical he’s shown to be a douchebag, and is a little bit stupid (although he does get a few good jokes). kinda playing in the stereotype of the body building jock character that is kinda rude to everyone? bland

if they made him more like the show though then it’d probs be a bit weird bc he’d be able to call out plankton when planktons trying to turn the town against sandy. and then everyone in the town would agree with Larry bc following cartoon canon everyone seems to be pretty chill with him. so idk

either way uh


someone: i always skip “to break in a glove” to be honest…like what’s the importance of a baseball glove, wtf


What she says: “I’m fine”

What she means:Good For You is such a deep song when you think about it. Think of all the pain. All Evan wanted was to have people in his life, people who cared about him in some way; in any way. He lacked the socialization that humans need, they need companionship in order to survive. Evan basically lived alone and lacked the security to go out and talk to anyone. Yes his Mom was trying her best and was in pain, but Evan needed a mother. she wasn’t there, so obviously he clung to another family. He didn’t mean to hurt his mother, he didn’t mean to hurt the Murphys. He thought he was doing the right thing. And his realization of his mistakes and how it’s effecting people at the end of the song needs to be taken more seriously because this whole time, Evan didn’t see how he was hurting people, he thought he was helping.”

Okay but can we talk about Requiem from the DEH soundtrack and musical?

In case some people needed the definition here it is:

A Requiem is a repose, in musical form, commemorating the dead and praising their life.

We know that the Murphys are not the greatest, most functional family, but their reasons for not singing a Requiem are each different and very telling about their character.

Zoe Murphy will not sing Requiem because she resents the image she held of her brother. She had no clue what he was going through, and only thought he was a slacker, and a psycho stoner. She hated that she had to function in the wake of her train - wreck brother.

She will sing no Requiem because she doesn’t believe he deserves it.

Larry Murphy is disappointed in this son he feels he never really had. “I gave you the world, and you threw it all away”. He felt distanced from Connor, both because of Connor’s issues and Larry’s inability to understand or connect. He won’t sing a Requiem, not because he doesn’t believe he deserves it, but because he feels he really didn’t know his own son. It’s like singing Requiem for a total stranger that you didn’t know or like.

Cynthia Murphy is the contrast. She views a Requiem as giving up on a memory, as allowing Connor to fade away. Evan’s emails give her this illusion of a troubled son she felt she didn’t know, but it’s likely that she tried (Anybody Have a Map? shows this, and her parallels with Evan’s mom). She wants the memory and ideas to live on, so she will not let him fade away and acknowledge that he is gone forever. She will sing no Requiem because she isn’t ready to do so.

Just. Requiem really gets me you guys

(I might analyze the whole soundtrack just because I’m neurotic and hyper focus on everything, so yeah let me know which song/part you want me to analyze)


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Friend: oh my god, is that Benji?!

Me: yes.


Me: have you ever seen Benji cry?

Friend: no…?

Me: do you want to?



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