My Opinion on the People Article

So I was discussing this with a friend who works in media, and kind of bouncing my thoughts around with her about the People article and why it may have happened, since it seems pretty clear that it’s not entirely on the up and up. And she said, “you know, it seems pretty obvious to me that this is a burying headline.” A what?

So if you Googled Lou last night or even as early as this morning, there were headlines EVERYWHERE, even with E!, that suggested that Louis has a new girlfriend and “has been spotted out with her three times!” Blah, blah, blah. It may have caused a small stir.

Right now, though, if you Google Lou, you’ll see the People article and several others that have basically cited the People article, and then more talk about Corden appearance and the Zayn “feud”. You’ll only see one mention of Briana Jungwirth (Louis’ new “girlfriend”), and that’s from Hollywood Life, which frankly most people know is complete bullshit.

So I wonder if rather than taking the route of an active denial (since he’s already had a couple and Harry has had a couple recently, too), they’re taking a more subtle approach of just burying the headlines, so to speak. Keeping in mind that the general public doesn’t track and analyze every move like we do, it seems like a good way to bait and hook for Lou’s rebrand.

Those are my two cents!

the signs as the last 48 hours
  • Aries:the larries who've lost hope
  • Taurus:Louis' strength and determination to literally never let anything come out of his mouth about this
  • Cancer:"L.A. lunch with my boys"
  • Gemini:"Why won't the larries support Louis :/"
  • Leo:the tweet that was really about the daddy kink
  • Virgo:the analytical debunkers that are mainly trying to convince themselves the baby isn't real
  • Libra:the business deals behind the scenes
  • Scorpio:1DHQ tweeting at the same time as Louis
  • Sagittarius:the fetus bloggers who have earplugs in
  • Capricorn:the people who don't really care who are sitting with popcorn, they're a little bit passive-aggressive and I-told-you-so to the larries tho
  • Aquarius:The Styles-Cox family's reassuring tweets
  • Pisces:the fact that Harry and Louis are going home to the same house tonight to hold each other and Harry will probably make dinner

I just hope they know that if we have a repeat of that bullshit where they were sat together for five minutes and then sat on opposite ends of each other, this fandom will burn the world to the ground.

so i’m gonna talk about 28 and i dont care if it is over analyzing or not

last night i saw this thing with the little calm book that is posted with rbb

and i’ve came to think that, 28, does that sounds familiar??? does that hold a certain importance?

let’s see here

besides the fact that it is his jersey number

and earpiece

we’ve always speculated that it is his and harry’s apparent wedding/proposal date


that time when they seem to have married which leads to heated sex

they’re all tweeted on the same day (or some congratulating the day after) even though there is a difference in time and date due to time zone differences

and guess what

guess guess what

i’m not sure if this is believable, just a thing i wanna point out, the importance of “28″

speculation of rbb coming out again on the 25th can be read here