We got married because we wanted to do it quickly for fear that they would take it away again, like they did in California. Getting married was a political act because so many people fought so hard for it. Also, every time I say the word “husband” and somebody flinches, I am helping to teach society this is the way it will be. This is the way it is.

Denis O'Hare, flawless human being.

petition for another season of ‘murder house’ in american horror story

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emerald-insignia  asked:

Dear Snicket Sleuth, I realise you are against personal questions on this blog, but I must ask: If VFD where ever to approach you and offer you membership to their organisation, would you join?

Me on my way to meet my V.F.D. recruiter:

…I honestly believe such an association would benefit neither of us.

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