They have never said “I’m not gay” or “Larry is not real, I’m in love with Eleanor, not Harry” all they have said it’s…

  • Louis: "Basically it says that me and Harry are together and my girlfriend isn’t real"
  • Louis: "Some people genuinely think we’re in a relationship"
  • Inteviewer: "Are you in love..?“ Louis: "Oh, well… I have a girlfriend, so…”
  • Fan: "I ship Larry, Do you hate me?“ Harry: *smiles*
  • Harry saying he doesn’t mind the rumours.

And if Louis mind so much the gay/Larry rumours why does he keep flirting with men on Twitter, does gay sexual innuendos, says and comments gay/gay couples references, interrupting everytime Harry has to talk about girls, made fun of Haylor, got drunk 3 days in a row when Harry was in NY with Taylor, kissed Harry on stage, held Harry’s hand behind the boys on stage and looks at Harry this way:

and after the cameras are put away and the paparazzis are gone, he walks away from Eleanor and ignores her? 

I know one day people will see the truth. And even when they come out we will still get hate from homophobic fans.

How do people not ship Larry?

Hand stroking…

Didn’t see the camera there, did u guys?

or there…

I love how Louis trys to hide his smile after touching Harry’s hand but Harry doesn’t even bother <3


Hair playing…

adorable kiss

Aww :’)

Still want to say they’re “Just Friends”?

“Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard” - Louis Tomlinson....








Here we see Harry not able to contain his love for Louis. THe interviewer is like “What the fuck??” while Niall and Liam are acting like this happens all the time