Title: Runner on third


Word Count: 39.6k

Status: Complete

Summary: As Harry stood there, the other man turned around, and he knew he was correct in who he thought it was.
“Louis?” he asked, still not quite believing it.
Louis blinked. “Harry? Wh– what are you doing here?”
“I work here,” Harry said. “What are you doing here?”
“Um, I’m picking up my brother. The nurse called and said he was sick.”
Harry felt like he was going to be sick. “Wait, Ernest is your brother? Since when do you have a brother?”
“Since about seven years ago, I guess. Wait, how do you know Ernest?”
“I’m his teacher.”
“You’re his what?” Louis exclaimed.
Harry gulped. This was going to be a long year.

Or, the AU where Louis and Harry were best friends growing up, but lost touch after Harry moved away. Ten years later, Harry has moved back to town, but he and Louis don’t pick up where they left off.

First illness
  • child: *coughs*
  • harry: okay, that's it! We're going to hospital!
  • Louis: harry, i dont think that's-
  • child: *sneezes*
  • harry: GET THE CAR LOUIS


still obsessed with a band built on lies, shady drama and conflicts that destroyed both my social skills and mental health?

you bet