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But you can't compare insta larries to 5 haylor and hendall fan. You rarely see them under her pic but when you have 10000 larries commenting everyday under your pic it ends up being the thing you notice. She was asking THAT fan if she was real for thinking that she just confirmed larry with a pic of art. I would want to ask that fan the same thing. How is her posting art comfirming larry. She never said anything about larry or larries as a group and she used british slag which was not the best

there were two larry comments under that picture. two. i checked when i saw her response because i understood her annoyance but didn’t understand the need for such a visceral rebuttal. one said “confirms larry 😊💚💙” and one said “larry 💚💙” and she replied to the first one. like i don’t know why that picture confirmed larry for them but.. okay if that’s what does it for you my guy.. you know. also her using slang doesn’t excuse her choice of words lmao? i think my post was self-explanatory in that regard. i don’t think she’s a bad person and i get that people say things they regret and ultimately don’t mean. i just think it’s important to have a conversation about those issues at the same time.


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