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"no i am not a larrie" - the age old adage of larries trying hopelessly to present it as though their theories and conspiracies could ever be seen as logical at this point by anyone who doesn't subscribe to their theories. Im betting the anon who sent you the message about Louis hugging that larrie who wore a rainbow to his premiere party was either the same person, or another larrie as well. They think we're all thick, i stg.

I just want to make so very clear that there is a difference between being able to believe what you want, and being able to believe what you want without consequence.

Louis has informed you all of the consequences of your belief: that you are disrespecting the ones he loves, and that your belief is in something that is obviously untrue. You can still believe it, of course, but you do not get to divorce your belief from those two facts. And you do not get to escape the consequences of people not wanting to be your friends or associate with you. These are all real things in the world, unlike your beliefs.

By all means if your feelings of comfort in disregarding reality are that valuable to you, carry on. But judging by the seeking of validation and the gnashing and wailing we have witnessed on the other side of this impassable wall, I can’t see why this belief is so worth holding on to in defiance of everything you are seeing to be true at this point.


made in the a.m. // home

“Home” was officially released as part of the Perfect EP, and is a fan-supported single on One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made in the A.M. It was written by Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Jamie Scott.