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Michael Jackson at the 8th Annual American Music Awards on January 30, 1981.

Michael Jackson accepting the award for Favorite Soul R&B album for Off The Wall presented by Peaches & Herb and Larry Graham. He also won Favorite Soul/R&B Male artist presented by LaToya Jackson and Bonnie Pointer.

Man coming from huge tumblr bandoms like the pentaholics and the para family has me really wishing there was more of a Les Twins fan base here. Like I feel like I’m going to have to start being a content creator again. The world is missing out on these boys and most of the gifs in the Les Twins tag only have 100 to 300 notes. My highest superfruit give has over 1.5k. Also most of the content on Les Twins here are over 3 years old. I’m for sure gonna start making gifs

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You know what I just realized. That new video of Louis and Eleanor outside the fight, I haven't seen any larries talk about it or show it today. Like no one. To me I think that means that someone is making sure it doesn't make it to fandom and that others haven't seen it


Like I don’t know if they’ve all agreed on private chats not to post it but I do know Larries won’t post it because they don’t want to have to deal with Anons asking them about it.

Little Larries don’t need to be told not to, they know it’s not good for them, they know they have to cover these things up even without being asked to. When something makes you uncomfortable and you want to pretend it hasn’t happened, just try and ignore it and hope everyone else will.

It’s why things happen and their fandom as a whole never expects it. The rest of us have seen/heard all these things. They only get a diet of Larrie.

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Crutchie's fave is Ron Swanson.

okay, anon. you’ve got me in the mood to assign everyone favorite parks and rec characters.

jack: andy

kath: either leslie or april, depending on the day

race: tom

spot: april or ron

romeo: either donna or jean ralphio

specs: ben. he and davey bond over their mutual love for ben.

albert: jerry/terry/gerry/larry, but he won’t explain why. also the reasonablists cult.

jojo: chris traeger!

mush: ann or andy

blink: april

feel free to ask me about any other characters, or possibly newsies faves from other shows, books, or movies

What I think after yesteday’s envents

First of all the casting agency tweet was absolutely odd: actors meet at screen tests, not before. Was that ED’s doing?

Then… Robert and Lawrence: I’m sure Rob’s plan was to blackmail Larry, and probably it won’t work as most of Rob’s schemes… But!! I guess it will pay in the long run (not that he knows), because when everything blows, Rebecca will admit she did exactly the same to him.

Yep! That’s what I think😝


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Killing it!

These are a few of my favorite things
  • Taylor Swift not showing up for the AMAs because she knew she wasn’t winning Artist of the Year
  • One Direction beating Taylor Swift to win Artist of the Year
  • One Direction thanking fans
  • One Direction not thanking Syco/Modest
  • Louis hugging Harry from behind
  • Harry switching shoes with an old man
  • Taylor not winning Artist of the Year
  • One Direction winning Artist of the Year even after losing Zayn and deciding to go on a break
  • Taylor wasn’t there
  • Harry’s floral Gucci suit and sparkly boots
  • Louis’ sparkly suit and beautiful fringe
  • Sparkly larents
  • Jennifer Lopez thanking Larry at the end of the show
  • No Taylor

Last Tango in New York | 3 Month Teaser
by @deviouslouis
Coming soon in June/July 2016!

A Larry fanfic au where Harry and Louis are dancers. Harry won the national championships over Louis by 2 points, and the angst builds when they must perform a duet together the next year. A slow, sexual build forms until Louis can’t resist chestnut curls and the smooth expanse of skin anymore.

{The Official Trailer: }

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Just don't ever wonder why larries won't even consider leaving when you all jump down their throats whenever they try to talk something through with you. Waste of time.

They may wanna read some asks from other people as a guide to how to approach a dialogue. Otherwise, yeah, the “Oh my god, I wasn’t talking about Larry when I talked about Larry just now, you antis are all the same” approach is a waste of everyone’s time. I’m not going to pander to conspiracy theories or conspiracy theorists.

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What bugs me is no matter what larries won't change what they are saying with this Bebe thing. I would love to send them the full video and say, hey! This doesn't really fit. But no one would ever post it. And if they did, others would get so mad at them.

It isn’t like you can’t look up “Bebe rexha livestream” on YouTube and look at what she’s wearing and how her hair is done and find the video. And when you’re in the video just fast forward to when she’s getting her face cleansed so you can see the full context or anything.

It took me less than 2 minutes of “sleuthing.” I didn’t even have to watch 39 minutes of the stream to find that moment in context. It isn’t hard. Larries just don’t want to know, because what would they have then? They’d have to keep thinking about how Harry’s BBC special is still going to lay waste to Larrie hopes and dreams through November.

They know Harry isn’t going to be giving them signs and hints and portents, and he’ll be touring then and his location will be verifiable. They know Louis will have at least one more single out by then and he won’t have a collaborator for them to stalk this time and it might even be Always You and they know that Louis will be doing promo again saying his album is about Eleanor. They know that Freddie will still be Louis’ son and that they won’t be able to stop press from asking about Freddie and they might even be asking about Christmas with Freddie and plans for his second birthday then.

So I mean… What else have they got? Has anyone come out of being inactive and stronger ever in their larrie beliefs because of this? Any new influx of anon larrie converts? Has Google trends noticed the uptick in larrie searches yet?

What if
At one of their performances over the next few months
They sing all the Larry songs
All of them
They Don’t Know About Us
Something Great
If I Could Fly
And then they sing Home
And at the end
Louis and Harry move between Liam and Niall, as they were on opposite ends before
And at the end of the song
They turn towards each other
And hold hands
And the last thing they say before the break is
“We won.”

Alright so these videos from that fucking night in Brussels (09/10/15) give me life so I made a list of all the things I looooooved (and/or hated but for the Twins it’s the same thing so…) about each of them. Ready ? (Also some translations ‘cause they were speaking in French (God Yeeees!))

- Larry : “you may be thirsty”
- Les Twins acting like rock stars, splashing water onto their audience at a concert.
- Mosh Pit by Flosstradamus. Again. And always.
- Lau worried his bro might slip on the water.
- Lau leaning against the DJ table. (Idk how it’s called)
- Larry : “we didn’t do anything yet! I wanna know if there are dancers in the house ?”
- Larry making fun of a girl, as usual. (twerking)
- Lau : “hey, move” (“dégage” idk why but I love when he says that..)
- Lau : “I was told that there was a kid named Alan who’s 12 that knew how to dance. Alan get your little butt right here with me. He’s blonde, super well dressed.”

- Larry keeps shaking his beannie off.
- That second dancer stealing every single move (death drop, falling flat on the floor and other moves I don’t even know how to describe) he can from the Twins. I was startled by them not giving him a lesson after that…
- The third dancer getting ‘a killer song’ according to Larry. His response was “don’t worry”. I gotta say, he’s got good musicality. (BUT ! If he’s like me and watched too many times the videos of Les Twins, you tend to know the songs they danced on pretty well so… I’m just saying.)
- Larry to the girl : “calm down baby, calm down.”
- Alan killed it. Go little dude!
- I guess that last dancer didn’t show enough musicality to Laurent. Beast took over.
- Twinning moment.
- Larry Interrupting Bourgeois take 1

- Larry holding up Alan with one arm. (I saw people comment 'damn he’s strong !’ ……. 👀)
- Larry making people sit down. “Cause you know he’s not really tall. He’s not a dwarf he’s a child.”
- Larry battling little Alan. That was cute. And hot 😳
- Laurent getting a jacket as a present. Glad Larry didn’t notice, he would have been jealous and made a scene.
- Larry screaming.
- Larry : “You’re not ready !” x 3
- Eleni doing her job : holding Laurent’s hat.
- Larry Interrupting Bourgeois take 2 has failed. But Lau lost his chains so he stopped and L.I.B take 2 actually succeeded.
- Larry to Lau : “you didn’t need to do all of this, you know”. I guess that’s how you say 'you were fucking good’ to your brother.

- Judge for yourself but I think that was amazing and real good. They were all good, damn !
- Lau : “I love Belgium !”
- @ 1:33 did Larry just try Lau’s move ?! The 'pointing your opponent and spining real fast’ move ?!!
- Les Twins killing it. MUSICALITY. 🙌
- Larry : “I’m starving”, Lau rubbing his belly.
- Laurent handing his hat to Larry. Larry looking for Eleni so he can get rid of it. LOL.

- Larry fanboying.
- L.I..B take 3. Lau didn’t really like that one. Like, at all. (But that scream though !) I think he stopped him because he wanted to battle every single one of the guys standing on stage with them.
- That little guy was a bit disrespectful.

- That little guy just got served. Larry destroyed him.
- Lau fanboying.

- Laurent pretending to drink something coming out of the guy’s nipple I don’t… Laurent is weird, ok ? I’m trying to get what’s on his mind and it’s difficult. Maybe it’s a metaphore for the guy dancing with his heart and so Lau wants that 'juice’, just like when he pretends to inject somebody’s blood in his veins with a needle like he does sometimes. Idk. Like I said he’s weird.
- Lau trying to stop his brother from dancing, singing, doing anything really, while he’s dancing. I think he’s fed up with Larry being in charge of everything since the begining.

- Larry screaming, fanboying, loving his brother.
- Lau being in love with the dude he drank the juice from. Cupping his face, really Laurent ?..
- I swear Lau is so overwhelmed by his feelings he looks like he’s possessed. And I like it.
- Larry : “make some noise for these guys right here ! Please.”
- Lau : “you need to understand something. We’re everywhere. -names, names, names- we’re with the best dancers in the world. Us too, we are worldwide artists (I’m gonna forget the huge grammatical mistake 'artistes mondials’ and keep going like nothing happened) but genius recognize genius. (He really likes this phrase) and we love seing people like that on stage. We’re not the only geniuses in the world. These guys showed us that we are not alone.”
- Idk what Larry wanted that Laurent didn’t but they dealt with it by doing Rock, Paper, Scisors and Larry won. That was really cute.
- Larry wanted to be sexy. 👀

- Larry to the DJ “you really want me to get laid tonight” so he asks for a song a little bit less sexy.
- Larry killing it like he got refilled from those guys he was battling with.
- Larry getting so deep into the song Lau couldn’t help but stop him by grabbing him from behind and hug the shit out of him ! Also… I think Lau said “how can you not want to make love with him?!” But I’m not sure about that one 👀
- Lau singing Angelina. And getting hyped. He’s so proud of himself I swear…
- That rude big guy who, as we say in french, 'ne sert à rien’. I guess he wanted to dance but Lau hurt his feelings by making him stand by. Or he didn’t wanna dance to Angelina. Idk he’s stupid.
- That woman got Larry excited. Maybe he was really going to get laid that night. Thanks DJ ? 👀

- Na Na Na you don’t know me. Featuring Roy and the other useless guy.
- CONFETTI, IT’S A PARADE!!!! (sorry)
- Brace yourself, Na Na Na is coming. In two weeks. Soon. Don’t worry for that.

- Lau killing it.
- Roy desperately trying to be the third twin.
- L.I.B take 4.
- Larry : “what do you want ? Because we know he still got some juice left.” So why did you stop him, LARRY ?!

- Larry : “Laurent, don’t get mad”
- Lau killing it.
- Larry : “Putain” (which means “damn” but it’s more powerful in French)
- Laurent being poessessed again. I’m weak… ; Larry : “there he is”
- Lau needing a moment to come back down.
- Larry : “calm down. I hate when you do that. See now I wanna dance.”
- Larry : “give me a problematic song”
- Larry : “YOLO”, in short.

- Roy : “turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up.” 😒😒😒😒😒
- Larry shaking his bumbum 🍑

- Apparently the guy dancing is the bartender.
- And Lau smacked his ass. Cause he liked it.
- Larry : “we’ll drink water together later” 👀
- Larry : “You like house music, apparently. Ok let’s try it.”
- Lau : “Be careful my brother. Be careful.”
- Larry having fun with the song. PARTYYYYYYY !!! 🎉🎉💥💥
- Laurent worried for his brother again. “ 'TENTION !” (“careful”)
- Larry to Lau : “come on, baby”

- Alan dancing. Larry : “you feel how good it is ?”
- Larry is now worried for his bro “be careful” while fanboying.
- Lau grabbing his anaconda. 🐍🐍🐍🙈

- L.I.B take 5.
- Larry : “that has nothing to do with money. […] this is serious. The more you give, the more we give you back. We love that. It’s something with people from Belgium, you’ve got one hell of a way of fighting, you never stop. This is craz- Stop it ! (To the DJ) They’re hungry, give me something.”
- Larry suddenly angry at Laurent, because he was taking pictures while he was dancing. Which meant that his attention wasn’t on him. Larry : “Battle. Right now.”
- Lau big bro doesn’t care and says “excuse me, I wanna see that guy dance.” Sorry Larry.

- LARRY’S REMIX, GUYS!! It’s so dope.
- Larry : “alright we’ll let them dance now. Hey, Lau. That’s it. We’re done. Let’s go sit.” The DJ puts on a song they love. “How do you want us to sit down if you put that on ?!”
- Lau raps to the song. Larry feeling it.
- Larry : “Thank you for welcoming us, that was nice of you.” 😂😂
- Larry raps to the song too… That was new 😳

Voilà. I spent too much time on this.. Hope you enjoyed it.


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