larry vma hug

Grab some tissues this shit’s about to get real.

If I could I would do all of this again

Travel back in time with you to where this all began

We could hide inside ourselves and leave the world behind

And make believe there’s something left to find

We’ll be miles apart

I’ll keep you deep inside

You’re always in my heart

A new life to start

I may be leaving but you’re always in my heart

Now we’ve all grown up, gone on and moved away

Nothing I can do about it, nothing I can say

To bring us back to where we were when life was not this hard (life was not this hard)

Looking back it all just seems so far, so far away

I’d give it up for just one more day with you

Give it up for just one more day 

I’d give it up for just one more day with you

Song courtesy of Yellowcard- Miles Apart (Gif’s belong to the owners, who I couldn’t find)

Tonight I was just minting my own business listening to a mix cd of Yellowcard and this song came on and I nearly cried.

  • Aries: "where do you wanna sit?" "next to you"
  • Taurus: wellington
  • Gemini: french larry interview
  • Cancer: 2012 VMA hug
  • Leo: "kiss me, you fool"
  • Virgo: "would you like to have kids? even as young as you are?" "yeah, definitely"
  • Libra: "wrapped it meself"
  • Scorpio: that one time louis asked for harrys hand to dance
  • Capricorn: "would you rather be with one of these guys?" "no"
  • Aquarius: "hands and knees for two days straight"
  • Pisces: "my celebrity crush is louis tomlinson"

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I think about the bullshit tweet, what if it wasn't planned? and Harry had no warning -was scrolling twitter when he saw it and shattered. Maybe ignored Louis' calls and texts all day, until Louis eventually found him and tried to explain but Harry was having none of it, which of course broke Louis' heart and he got upset, making Harry stop his flip-out instantly because nothing's more important than Louis. They cry together, make love and promise they can handle anything, together.

Why are you doing this at 3 am in the morning I didn’t sign up for this