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Or a Valentine’s Day story where Harry has a really fit neighbour, and his cat is a thief. 

A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets. 

Or, the one where Harry loses the love of his life on New Years Eve and finds him again, six months later, ready to open some poorly-stitched wounds.

It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him. 

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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Fics

Compiled according to kudos. Ones I’ve read are marked with asteriks.

Please don’t forget to check the tags for anything triggering.

it starts and it never fades away by scagnetism (4k) **

Or, Louis puts out a flyer to help him get a date he absolutely doesn’t want. He gets more than he bargained for.

lagrangian point by flimsy (4k)

They find each other again the night of Valentine’s Day.

Louis figures it wasn’t a good night for either Harry or him, and suddenly the comfort of Harry’s sharp edges pressed tightly against him is more than welcome.

Make It Everlasting So Nothing’s Incomplete by supernope (9k)

Trying to be conspicuous so he doesn’t startle him, Harry sidles up to Louis and asks, “How’s it going?”

“Alright,” Louis muses, turning his head so he can smile at Harry. “I wish there were explanations about what each of the flowers mean on labels or something, though.”

A thrill runs up Harry’s spine, and he can’t quite temper the grin that spreads across his face as he asks, “Well, I could tell you, if you’d like?”

“Oh, only if you have time, I don’t want to keep you away from your work -”

“Louis,” Harry laughs, gesturing around the empty shop. “There is nobody here and, as luck would have it, there is literally nothing I would like more than to talk to you about flowers.”

oh my my, baby don’t be shy by ballsdeepinjesus (2k) **

Harry waves back shyly and looks away, toeing his boots along the hardwood floor. He’s 31 and a boy is making him nervous. He scrunches up his eyebrows and scoffs.

He’s 31. And there’s a boy. Screw it.

He’s not entirely sure the best way to attract the attention of an adult at a gathering of teenagers. The DJ switches the song to one he loves, an upbeat number about living life to the fullest or something endearingly cliche like that. So he doesn’t really think his next action through. He dances.

[harry and louis meet at their daughters’ valentine’s day dance]

shit, i still love you (still see you in bed) by Wankerville (10k) **

Harry hums, tugging his bottom lip between his teeth, “I want daddy to fuck me in the gold booties he got me for my birthday.”

or, it’s valentine’s day and harry wants to be fucked in his gold boots

sugar never tasted so good by vashtaneradas (4k) **

Louis sells rock candy and Harry sells flowers and london is cold; aka a dumb valentine’s au.

their lips are lying only real is real by vanillabeanniall (5k)

The one where Louis and Harry pretend they’re in love to get a few free movies until suddenly they stop pretending.

Turn Around, Valentine, Walk Your Pretty Walk by tomlinsunshine (3k)

It’s Valentine’s Day. Louis gets a package from Nick that he is most definitely not going to open. Really.

we’re looking for something dumb to do by soleilouis (3k)

Harry and Louis decide that they need to come up with the best senior prank possible. if it means pretending that they’re married, that’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make.

your heart is glowing (and i’m crashing into you) by anyadisee (11k)

If this were a fairytale, maybe even a Young Adult novel or a chick flick, this would be the moment where Louis would stare right into his soul and whisper, “You. It’s you, Harry,” before pulling him in for a kiss right there and then in the middle of the sidewalk. They’d confess their never-ending love for each other then hold hands for the rest of the walk home, and then they’d go to uni together and become the ultimate power couple of their campus. They’d start a family together a few years after they graduate, find a large house somewhere nice and preferably warm, get two pet dogs and five cats, and then adopt enough children to start a football team. If only men could get pregnant as well, Harry thinks wistfully. He’d love to carry Louis’ babies given the chance.

But. This isn’t a fairytale, nor is it a movie based off the latest YA bestseller. This is real life.

(harry is in love with love, volunteers to hand out valentine gifts for a week, and somehow becomes the football captain’s secret admirer.)
The Accidental Date - written by louisandthealien
By Organization for Transformative Works


It’s already been clarified that Louis is a lot of things: he’s an idiot, he’s prideful, he’s a masochist, and he never does anything half way. So it’s the conglomeration of these stunning attributes that leads him to his final, half hellbent, half self-pitying decision. Because Louis is one final thing, above all else.

Louis Tomlinson is a stubborn motherfucker.

The Valentine’s Day AU where Louis gets stood up for his date and, instead of going home, ends up eating an entire five course meal by himself out of spite (and not at all because his waiter’s cute as hell.)

Author - louisandthealien              Tumblr - @louisandthealien

One shot  |  8,448 words  |  Fic published March 28, 2016

Review - 9 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!

Awww cute cute cute!! 

Even the terrible texts from Louis would-be Valentine’s date can’t stop the adorableness of this fic. Louis and Harry separately decide to have fun with what they see as a shitty situation, and their awkward and often silly interactions are an absolute delight. Cute Waiter and Leather Jacket Boy are clearly meant to be!

Read this fic when you want flirty Louis and Harry to make you smile, but make sure your belly’s full - the delicious food in this fic is bound to make you reach for the snacks. 

Louis cooked for harry !!!!