larry tmht


Can we talk about how this is like the best angle. Harry could not keep his eyes off of Louis the whole time. :)

anonymous asked:

quick question: what's you fav larry moment from tmht?i know it's hard so you can pic more than one if you want to

Ok, nony. Let’s see…

Why Louis stopped breathing here?

Why did they crush Zayn just to talk to each other?

Jus why

So happy!!!!

Checking his boy out, normal tour stuff 

Here cutie, have nacho 

If I had a time machine I wouldn’t even do anything super wild or super crazy… I would literally just go back in time so I could buy tickets to Up All Night Tour and Take Me Home Tour and most definitely take a much needed vacay to Wellington, New Zealand on the 22nd of April 2012 equipped with a new gen smart phone & it’s 8 megapix camera (the complete anti potato), and I find all of this truly sad. But the tours that I missed, man… Talk about regret of a life time.