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Does anybody else come up with various scenarios involving their otp when listening to music. I mean come on, I can’t listen to any song in my phone without playing through different scenarios of my different otps. I NEED HELP.

Okay so first of all: OH MY GAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWD!!!

Second: I can’t really tell you much about what happened, we weren’t allowed to record anything cause of copyright reasons and I don’t really wanna get in trouble/spoil it for anyone. But I’ll list a few amazing things: 

  1. Sal looked amazing! Like I honestly think I’m becoming a little bit of a Sal girl cause wow
  2. So did Q, who had a new hair cut and holy shit was he gorgeous
  3. First look we get of the boys is when they came on stage and start siNGING WITH THEIR OPENING ACT!!!! (if people wanna know the song/more details pm me)
  4. SAL LITERALLY PICKED UP A 7/8 YEAR OLD CHILD AND PLACED HIM ON HIS SHOULDER!! Like literally his shoulder, not shoulders. And he was walking around like the boy weighed nothing, just keeping him steady with one hand!
  5. 3 of them pulled their pants down
  6. It’s very similar to One Night at the Grand
  7. Q likes Betty White, and knows the words to the theme song of Golden girls, which they sang at us
  8. They compared themselves to the Golden Girls of prank shows
  9. They sang again at the end, and they were pretty good at it. I’ve never heard them sing other than the charity single so it was a nice surprise (same as above with the song)
  10. Joe had blue underwear on
  11. I’m now sexually attracted to Q holding a t-shirt cannon
  12. Sal stuck his head through Q’s legs, while Joe crawled through Sal’s. At the same time. Its hard to explain.
  13. Q took off his jacket and everyone cheered and wolf whistled.
  14. Joe likes to confuse fans who ask for pictures in public by whispering something to them. (Again as above, I don’t wanna spoil too much)
  15. Q thrusted his hips. Twice.
  16. He also said someone should start a girl band called Receding Vagina
  17. He did the TESD Ant sign!
  18. The boys kept saying how amazing Joe is, which I loved. its gotta be hard for him to be away from his family.
  19. They kept picking on Murr by putting the ferret comparison picture up on the screen every time he turned his back
  20. Sal was amazing tonight! He was the first one on stage, and the last one off. His facial expressions were hilarious and I really think I have a thing for Sal
  21. When re-telling the Hershey land story, Q demanded we gasp instead of laugh when he spoke about the wolf bit. And then he started laughing because instead of gasping someone literally said “Gasp!”
  22. Q didn’t know A was a vowel, couldn’t tell whether he was joking or not because on Say What he said he didn’t know what an adjective was.

Lastly: I know i said a few things but there was so many amazing moments, and i had so much fun. It was a really great night and if you ever get the chance to see them live, please do. it’s an experience you won’t forget

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