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”Why do you want them to come out so badly, anyways?“


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What do you think about Louis saying he hasn't lived fatherhood yet? Like yes Freddie isn't even 2 but the phrasing seemed like he was suggesting a separation from the experience of fatherhood? He said Freddie doesn't inspire him to write nor does fatherhood. These are things I have trouble not treating as shady or odd ways of describing something, particularly compared to Liam using Bear's heartbeat in a song & talking in detail about fatherhood changing him.

What do you mean by shady or odd………………………………..? You think even if these things you said are true (and not heavily distorted bits of bias I know you’ve cribbed from The Larries) that it would mean……… what?

But anyway, things Louis has actually said about his child:

There are songs that kind of draw on the pressures of being a dad.

He loves music anyways. I think naturally in the production, when I put on hip hop music, that’s when he’s in his element, bopping along. But he’s also obsessed with my acoustic guitar, which is really exciting for me. It’s like his favorite toy, I mean, he’s gonna break it pretty soon, but he’s like obsessed with it, which is like real nice. [So did you play [the guitar] for him?] I mean I’m still learning myself, I can only play four chords but I’m getting there. But I’ll play it a little bit and he’ll want to snatch it off me, he’s kinda obsessed with anything that plays those sounds.

I suppose it just naturally does teach you more responsibility, I suppose. I’m sure other dads can relate to this, I feel like also, ‘cause I’m at this age, when I’m with Freddie I’m almost in a different headspace, than I am you know, as mature as I possibly can be at twenty five, but then when I’m with my mates, I kind of go back to that eighteen year old headspace. I think it’s about keeping a balance.

I wouldn’t have made this decision if someone asked me on the day. But thank God that the decision was made for me because it’s just a blessing to be this age and to be able to have a child. What I loved about my relationship with my mum — she had me very young when she was 19 — is that it never felt like there was a generation gap. “I witnessed that with so many of my friends. You know, ‘My mum just doesn’t get it’. Hopefully because of the closeness in age, I will be able to give that to Freddie, too.” There are a lot of men for who the idea of having a child is really intimidating but I’ve grown up around kids. My mum was a midwife, so I’d forever be holding kids if she wasn’t popping them out herself. It took that kind of fear away from me because what I saw in my mum is that all it takes is relentless consideration and love. The actual science of it isn’t too f*****g hard. Fundamentally it’s about being as good as you possibly can. 

You only need one smile from your son, big smile or for him to pull a stupid face, and you’re like, all right, I can’t be grumpy in the morning.

Oh it’s so fun at the moment. I actually had to be away for promo for like the last three weeks so I hadn’t seen Freddie so I saw him for the first time yesterday. And it was so fun. I mean there’s just so much personality. It kinda goes from not doing loads - yeah being super cute - but not necessarily doing loads and now it’s just so rewarding. I mean like he’s starting to talk, running around, showing off, all that stuff. It’s really fun.

No man is an Island// Louis Tomlinson imagine

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Titel: No man is an Island// Louis Tomlinson imagine

Summary: Louis lets no one into his heart until you came. ( Based on the song ‘ No man is an island’ by the Script)

Warnings: none. 

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I’m a love, love refugee. 

Don’t let anyone gets close to me. 

I’m a hard, hard fugitive. 

Always running, that’s the way I live. 

To say Louis was not like everyone else, could be an understatement. He was famous, rich and constantly in the spotlight. Sometimes he hated it and sometimes Louis loved it. Working with amazing artists, like Steve Aoki and Bebe Rexha. Louis had everything, a big house with many friends and a great job. But there was one thing Louis hadn’t. 


 Louis always told people he wasn’t ready to settle down, but that was a lie. The truth was that Louis was afraid, afraid to love. Maybe it was because of the fame, that the hate would be too much or it was too hard for the lucky girl. That’s why Louis let no one into his heart. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, to disappoint anyone. Many girls would love to share the bed with Louis, but Louis never lets them. He didn’t want to be too close, he didn’t want to wake next to someone who he doesn’t even like. That’s why Louis was running away from the love, instead of catching it. 

No man is an Island. 

No one should be on their own.

 Look at the horizon, ‘cause love will always take you home.

 She said all hearts break, don’t lose faith, you can’t live life that way.

There was only one human that Louis truly trusted. Y/N. Y/N had been a part of Louis’s life for a very long time, since primary school actually . She was there for him on the X-factor, on the tours and when Louis’ mother, Johanna, died. You always understood him, although it seemed to be impossible for some people. Right now, you were on the way to Louis’ apartment. It was Friday, which means the weekly movie night. You still didn’t know why Louis was afraid to love, it was something beautiful, according to you. 

You rang the doorbell twice, making Louis jump from the couch. He walked to the hall and opened the door with a wide smile. ‘ Hey love’ He said, greeting you. You didn’t mind that Louis called you love; it was something between you two. He had always called you love, ever since the first time, you could remember. ‘ Hey, Lou. How are things?’ You asked, after pulling away from the hug. ‘ Great, great. Working on the album and shit’ Louis told you, smiling widely. You had always told Louis to take a break from work and relax a little. He did, in the beginning of the break, but after writing songs again, Louis was only focused on his job. ‘ That’s great’ You smiled at him and you two walked to the living room. Louis grabbed a beer from the fridge, while you prefer a good glass of wine. ‘ So what do you wanna eat?’ Asked Louis, while logging into his Netflix-account. ‘ I don’t know, maybe pizza’ You suggested, looking over at your famous best friend. He nodded. Later on, you both ordered what you wanted. While eating the pizza, you and Louis were watching The best of me, some romantic movie. It was a nice, sweet movie. Suddenly, you asked the question you always wanted to ask. 

‘ Why are you afraid of love?’ You asked. Louis, turned around to meet your eyes and frowned. ‘ Why would you ask?’ He said. ‘ I don’t know. You never had a girlfriend since One Direction. Aren’t you lonely?’ You asked curiously. ‘ No I’m not. Look- no matter how weird it sounds- I don’t need it. I don’t need to be heartbroken, I don’t want to feel guilty when I hurt someone, I just don’t want to hurt anyone.’ Said Louis. ‘ But you can’t live like this, everyone needs to deal with a broken heart, everyone needs to recover from a relationship. Please Louis, have faith in love. It can be a good thing unless you use it on bad things. Aren’t you in love with someone? Don’t you think someone is special?’ You asked. 

‘ You’

Your jaw dropped in confusion. ‘ Sorry- what?’ You asked. ‘ You are special to me, Y/N. A long time you were just a friend, but now, you are more to me. I let you in my heart, although it hard for me. When you came back from New York last year, I realized I was in love. Love is a weird thing- like you always tell me. I don’t wanna try it, I wanna feel it. I wanna feel how it’s like to have someone at home, I wanna how it’s like to kiss someone with passion. That someone is you for me, Y/N.’ Without any word, you kissed him. You always tried to hide your feelings for Louis- because you didn’t think it would work out. But here you were, kissing your best friend. It took twenty seconds for Louis to kiss back, but when he kissed you back, he smiled through the kiss. ‘ You have no idea how long I wanted to do that’ You laughed at him and Louis grinned. ‘ I didn’t know you had feelings for me’ Muttered Louis. ‘ Well, now you do’ You said before kissing Louis again. 

No man is an Island.

No one should be on their own.

 Look at the horizon, 'cause love will always take you home.

its never easy missing someone, 

and knowing you cant do anything about it