larry stylinson texts

Okay I’ve had this little headcanon in my head for a while so here it is

Imagine if the original lyric of Two Ghosts was “Same eyes green, same eyes blue, same white shirt, couple more tattoos (…)” but they changed it to “Same lips red (…)” because they were trying to make it less obvious that the song is about Louis&Harry (it didn’t work btw, better luck next time lol). They knew they could use this hole Taylor Swift thing to their advantage because even though we know lips can be naturaly red colored, it’s most commonly associated with red lipstick and they wanted people to connect the dots inbetween TS and the red lipstick.

What I’m trying to say here is that My Gay Son™ wrote a Gay Song™ about his relationship with his also Very Gay Boyfriend™ (who is also my son) but it was Too Real™  so they had to change some lyrics to create rumors/discourses in the fandom/general public and I think that’s beautiful :)

louis: *breathes*

louis: * looks in his general direction*

louis: *sighs very deeply*
harry:  *all 4 nipples perk up*

louis:  *gets annoyed at things*

louis: *yawns* 
harry:  *screams internally* I would die for you

louis: *tries to cook pancakes*


larry in each ear.
use headphones.

my brother, sister, mom and i all have synesthesia and i was talking to them about just hold on and out of curiosity i was just like ‘so what color is just hold on to you guys?’ my mom and brother said yellow, my sister said blue (it’s blue to me as well), and then i was like 'ok but what color is louis tomlinson’s voice?’ and my sister and mom both said his voice sounds blue and green and i know that’s totally irrelevant but it warmed my cold dead larrie heart


So I was emailing a friend last night from work where I volunteer. And she had a story to tell me. I texted her a few questions afterwards just to clear things up a bit. She is giving me permission to post, and the friend who told her what happened also said it was okay, and that she didn’t mention the year just in case but you can assume when it was by “four years”. Also, she uses my birth name here, because I’m not out to everyone, just keep in mind. The blacked out parts in the second pic (third and fourth email) are about work so I didn’t want to include it. Names are protected for reasons, as I know both person A and B to some extent. *ignore any spelling errors. It was very late last night*