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Niall: The sequel to Happy Birthday, I think it was.
Louis: WOW, that is a big number right there.

Okay, what is the story of The Song That’s Not Olivia??

(@genuinelybelieve based on her observation!)


This boy will literally be the death of me.


Hey Angel: I wish I could be more like you too, Louis.

Drag Me Down: *dramatically whips hair when the beat drops*

Perfect: I feel directly attacked by Harry’s rasp. 

Infinity: *cries and takes 7 pain killers to dull the pain in my heart*


If I Could Fly: *sobs* also that harmony when they’re all like “im completely defenseless” in the second bit damn really tuggin on the ol’ heart strings there

Long Way Down: Again…feeling directly targeted by Harry’s rasp. 

Never Enough: *beat takes over* 

Olivia: NO WAY

What a Feeling: This. This is my jam. *screams chorus*

Love You Goodbye: Why would anyone in their right minds ever walk out of their lives?

I Want to Write You A Song: *standards for a potential lover gets 10000 times higher*

History: *mentally envisions polaroids of the boys throughout the years*

Temporary Fix: Harry’s verse is ruining my life. 

Walking in the Wind: *sobs over hiatus*

Wolves: v i i b b b e e e e s s s s

A.M.: “Won’t you stay ‘til the am?” I mean if you insist. 

From prologue to epilogue (fellow fanfic readers know)

–Larry Count:9/16–

If you’ve ever wondered how much of a larrie I truly am, wonder no more. I wrote a song about them. This was written last year and I released an a cappella version but this time I added my uke for a more complete sound. So yeah, I’d looove for you guys to listen and let me know what you think! This is my first (decent) original song so I’m always looking for feedback on it as well as tips on how to make my songs better in the future. Enjoy!

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