larry shippers ruin everything

Omg so yesterday when I went to see This Is Us we were sitting in front of 2 “larry” shippers. They were pretty much talking through the whole movie about how Elounor is fake and they are in love. I just about wanted to kill myself by the end. Larry is b.s. And larry shippers are delusional and only see what they want to see. I hate larry and nobody will ever change that.

kailahkat15  asked:

What the fuck is even going on in the 1D fandom first zayn now Louis this is like a big soap opera

This band is going to break up. I can feel it in my motherfucking bones.

And now the larry shippers are going nuts.

Listen. To. Me. TWO BOYS CAN BE BEST FUCKING FRIENDS WITHOUT BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP. The bond they had was so great and they were so close. Until the Larry shippers FUCKING ruined EVERYTHING. When this band breaks up….I dare a bitch to blame the boys. It will be ENTIRELY the fandoms fault. Full of fucking idiots. FUCKING. IDIOTS. I am sick and fucking tired of it. LET THEM LIVE THEIR FUCKING LIVES AND DO NOT PUT YOUR TWO SENSE INTO IT. THEIR LIVES ARE THEIRS TO LIVE.

If you love these boys so much…why do you do this to them? Why do you make their lives hell? Why? Someone fucking tell me why!

These boys used to make me so fucking happy. But the fans have ruined it for me. And it isn’t fun being in this fandom anymore. It is stressful. And you guys are so cruel.