larry nye


Hi there :3 so my last post got 21 notes on it and I’m so so happy❤️ I have a mini heart attack when I get the notif that someone liked and especially when someone reblogs it omg🙊 So I thought why not make a little NYE surprise So here’s (two) free wallpapers (640x1136) for all of you wonderful people :)) PLEASE REBLOG IF YOU’RE SAVING❤️ BE HONEST❤️


I’m just saying…. It’s like 4AM in London right now. And lou just tweeted this like an hour ago. Leading me to believe he is either up late, or not over in UK land.

Harry. Says this vague 5 minutes early thing.

Jenny McCarthy said there were celebs hidden in the crowd.

Idk about YALL but I’ll be watching the crowd at about 11:55 and maybe we might get ourselves a larry moment

The larrie: New year expectations vs reality.

The larrie on nye: Finally they are on break, they will probably be out of managements hands, cut the bullshit, be free.

Harry: *solo rumors* *pr stunts on a yacht* *Hendall* *Haylor throwbacks* *fueled womanizer image*

The larrie:

Louis: *pr stunts* *has a ”girlfriend”* *drunk,partyboy image fuelled* *takes so called girlfriend to a skii trip into the FRENCH ALPS*

The larrie: