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Gugulethu Sophia Mbatha is a British stage and film actress from oxford England. She gained prominence in a recurring role on Doctor Who, playing Tish Jones. She later garnered attention in American productions, beginning with a supporting role in the Tom Hanks comedy Larry Crowne, and starring roles on the television series Undercovers and Touch.

She earned critical acclaim for her performances in the British period drama Belle (2013) and the romantic drama Beyond the Lights (2014), receiving numerous accolade nominations from critics worldwide. Her performance as Kelly was critically acclaimed in “San Junipero” episode of series Black Mirror.

a post i call: Mirroring

Lets start of with a recent one .

that smile and the hands and everything. stop

Oh . So this is very normal right? just looking ahead and two people  decide to look back at the same time for no apparent reason. Hahaha normal.

head snapping again. yeah okay .

“yeah let me go get something on the stairs.” of course nothing can be done that would be at the exact same movement right? wrong.

harry had to get something on the floor. not scary at all.

this isn’t even ? they aren’t even facing each other god damn

lets both put our hands on our stomach and make the same facial expression as he both sing yeah?

again just for fun.

oh hey fun idea , lets drink water together.

okay this doesn’t really count but it does bc “hey ill look at you al fond like and you look at me too with fond so we can fond at each other ! such fun!”

same thing

External image

okay now this is nice. Harry is staring at the crowed , he should be distracted. but Louis snaps to face him and harry has to also. Mirror shit again.

even from far away.

fun idea. lets both do the same pose while fixing our hair.

External image

but wait. it gets worse !

Oh , im just going to sit down very weirdly. no one sits like this. crazy.

but wait. what do we have here?

oh , right. Harrys other half /has/ to be doing the same thing right ?

okay now this just gets creepy.

how the fuck does Louis do ? Harry is standing up and walk in forwards but Louis? He’s seating the fuck down how the fuck can he go forward that looks awkward.

again . across the room and yet they manage to mirror eachother.


oh oh oh what do we have here.

mirror action again.

this is just plain cute.

but woah. woah . woah. this is just .. perfectly in-sink.

not weird right?

oh how cute Harry is carrying a poster!

wait .. so is Louis. hahaha of course.

okay. picture time. now..

the hands. the fingers are just the. alike I should say. both of them look cute also. Plus points.

lets row the boat together buddy.

okay pal.

perfect harmony

how cute.

no but its been since the UAN tour also.

okay , this was probably just a coincidence right ? wanting to jump at the same  time

but doing everything at the same time, same movement. come-on. there mirrors.


 (none of theses gifs and pics are mine, credit goes to the owners. Idea from cocoalou)