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What’s the latest in NOW? In 1975 David Reed exhibited a series of new paintings at Susan Caldwell Gallery, New York, which had a strong impact on Christopher Wool, a young artist at the time. More than forty years later, Wool, along with Katy Siegel, curated an exhibition of Reed’s paintings, complemented by a group exhibition of artists who were similarly exploring the relationship between process and image-making in painting, sculpture, photography, and film—on view at Gagosian Madison Avenue, New York through tomorrow, February 25. In this video, Wool, Siegel, and Reed discuss the memory of those paintings and the New York art scene in 1975.


1987. Season Of The Dead

   Necrophagia is one of the oldest Death bands, and the first gore band for sure. But the label “gore” is only about the lyrics, but this kind of cathegories I always have found useless. They are some quite mad horror fans, and they mostly writing lyrics about this topic, only horror, gore and sickness. They could be called as a musical encyclopedia of horror movies too.

   Their music is quite close to Black Metal by the way, weaker sounding, cawing wretched gremlin vocals by Killjoy who are the leader of the band too. After their first album they were seperated, but Pantera’s Phil Anselmo, who is a big fan of underground metal, had searched them and Necrophagia were resurrected. In truth They had a second album too (Ready For Death), but that contained only the demos of the Season of The Dead. It was quite annoying by the way that they reissued a lot of times their first demos. 

   Frank “Killjoy” Pucci      Larry “Madthrash” Madison    Joe “Voyer” Blazer

Bill “Blaster” Bork


END OF THE DAY (one direction)

 fan made music video + all i know at the end of the day is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way. learn about rainbow direction