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June 19, 2017

In the mid-1970s, when the art dealer Leo Castelli began to exhibit Ed Ruscha’s drawings and paintings, his main gallery occupied the second floor of a townhouse at 4 East 77th Street, on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Ruscha presented his first solo show of drawings with Castelli in 1973. Around that time, his drawings that related to letters and words were beginning to shed some of their earlier figurative skin, as well as their overt allegiance to Pop art. Gone were the brightly lit Standard Oil gas station and the iconic Twentieth Century Fox banner. Ruscha was moving towards a more open-ended, conceptual evocation of disembodied phrases. These were words that might be overheard through the cracked window of a moving car, or wafting across the grass of a baseball park, or chiseled into the side of a passing school, or even issuing from the lips of a local handyman, who, apparently once said to Ruscha, “Let me putty your window panes.”

In the carefully considered selection of thirty-one works on paper currently on view at Gagosian uptown—all of which have been loaned from private collectors and museums—Ruscha seems to be teasing out what happens when everyday phrases excised from their original context are then stenciled—or in this case reverse stenciled—onto a field of color.



1987. Season Of The Dead

   Necrophagia is one of the oldest Death bands, and the first gore band for sure. But the label “gore” is only about the lyrics, but this kind of cathegories I always have found useless. They are some quite mad horror fans, and they mostly writing lyrics about this topic, only horror, gore and sickness. They could be called as a musical encyclopedia of horror movies too.

   Their music is quite close to Black Metal by the way, weaker sounding, cawing wretched gremlin vocals by Killjoy who are the leader of the band too. After their first album they were seperated, but Pantera’s Phil Anselmo, who is a big fan of underground metal, had searched them and Necrophagia were resurrected. In truth They had a second album too (Ready For Death), but that contained only the demos of the Season of The Dead. It was quite annoying by the way that they reissued a lot of times their first demos. 

   Frank “Killjoy” Pucci      Larry “Madthrash” Madison    Joe “Voyer” Blazer

Bill “Blaster” Bork

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two words: Hamilton AU

Okay but I revised it here

Hamilton: Paul
Burr: Eduardo
Laurens: Edd
Lafayette: Matt
Mulligan: Tom
Washington: Tord
King George: Jon
Jefferson: Bing
Madison: Larry
Elisa: Patryk
Angelica: Laurel
Peggy: Mark
Lee: Diwi?
Maria Reynolds: That dude from Moving Targets with Paul (please roll with it ok)
Seabury: Hellucard

Halloween Icons

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END OF THE DAY (one direction)

 fan made music video + all i know at the end of the day is you love who you love, there ain’t no other way. learn about rainbow direction