larry love children

The Larents.
Not enough for a full team, but they’re determined to make it happen.

louis’ regrets

okay, i had got a delicious dinner and now I want to open your eyes to this stupid situation “Louis and his child”

when interviewer asked him about it

you see this reaction with fake smile, also his face shows something like “please stop asking this shit”

and then if you look attentively to his emotions you’ll see it


also please look at Niall’s face. they are FRIENDS for 6 years, and when your friend is going to be a Dad, will you be happy? will you smile , will you have ANY POSITIVE EMOTIONS ABOUT IT? OF COURSE. but we see only regrets. it is not normal for our Niall who is always loove his friends.

if you suppose that it is a normal reaction, or lou just was in a bad moon , let me show you some examples of his behavior when he is sad or upset 

so you have seen same face when someone asked Harry about girls.

is it a strange coincidence? don’t think so.
it is a pain.

hmm if you don’t believe me yet i want you to remember how Lou loves children

it’s not cool if father doesn’t love his own kid, but feels happy spending time with others   

lou enjoys being with children, his heart is full of love, sincerity , happiness. but only if he is with people who loves him too.
idk what Brianna and modest want to get from louis : money, fame or glory. but its not love.
you know where a real love is

and im sure there will be a day when Lou and Harry will show us their little baby and larry shippers will never see this emotion that tells everything

thanks dear lsh xx

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children : x

a sappy-sweet domestic mix for louis and harry, moving in together and living together and loving together. [listen]

“can’t help falling in love” [cover] by the fleet foxes // “i hate seagulls” by kate nash // “i wanna be the one” by fun. // “mind over matter” by young the giant // “400 lux” by lorde // “i don’t mind” by defeater // “a lover like you” by the avett brothers // “wasted daylight” by stars // “friends” by ed sheeran // “sunset” by avalanche city // “the way i am” by ingrid michaelson // “playground love” by air // “paperweight” by joshua radin and schuyler fisk // “march” by justin vernon // “compass” by zella day // “christmas in the room” by sufjan stevens // “banana pancakes” by jack johnson // “you and i” by johnnyswim // “the luckiest” by ben folds // “riches and wonders” by the mountain goats // “such great heights” [cover] by iron & wine // “home” by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros