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another world is prob one of my fav songs they perform bc brads vocals in it are heavenly

well! i’m about a week or so late, but oh well :,) here is my follow forever!!!! i love u all so much :)) here’s some fav mutuals and what i like about them and then my follow forever in alphabetical order :) ps i’m almost at 5k so keep up the love!!!! 

(pps if u aren’t in here and you know you should be it’s very late at night and i’m sory and i love you)

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hiiii! so i hit 7k followers like 2 minutes ago so i’m doing one of these things!! who knew i could get a small army to follow me wow anyway thank you for putting up with my bad text posts and not hating me when i become the darkest of larries. im sending lots and hugs and kisses your way ily all x

bolded are either my faves or people i hate with all of my heart and soul

#- c 

3words-larryisreal 2012larrie 1dlo2 2tiedships assisreal agilestyles actualcraic aufairylarry ahundredtuesdays aintnosaintlouis allthedamnlove alwaysbyyoursideoned aesthetic-styles a-larry-life averagesuperhuman ashbonerwin anchor-and-a-rope​ anal4lyfebabe​ aberharry​ abstractlouis​ adampkrsk beendreamingaboutyoualot​ blowlourry beardburnharry bearmustard bxpolarfxck bluntsbylouis baedirection banghorang beynd-obsessed breathfearlessly​ brokenlou bluelikelou bun-stagram bowtiebraces broken-larries bastardididthatgood bluemeetinggreen bluntsliam booandtheboys​ braverylouhaz bangnharry courtnugget​ coolmaliks cosmolouis cuteasbuttonsallofyou cosmicca calmtommo chillarry clarryfied​ carrotsandbananas​ cranlarryjuice​ coastalouis​ cloudsofharry​ chasing-rocknroll cravelouis

d - g 

dvlannobrienn​ dragmedownotra​ dirtbagology​ daddyhairlou damnharrydamn donialltella daddylouis2k15​ dewdroptomlinson​ daydreamstyles duhncaster daggeremoji​ dildoau exposedlouis escapadeau elou-nono escapingtotheseaside​ edolouis eternel-larry excusemestyles emmazkii​ falloutzoe​ fondsmileslarry​ fireproofcurls​ fortheloveoflarrie​ feminismkink flirtypals fondofstylinson fighting1d fluffybumlou fondlemelouis feelingpayno fxcktomlinsn fuckboylou fckloutommo fataleharry flapjacklarryboner forevergabbss froglinson​ funklarryup fallouthealy fondinglovers fakemarriagefic gemma-daily​ girlalmightyjpg gagmelirry giveitupforlarrystylinson goldbootshoe grumpyharrys golddustharry gxccihaz gniall​ g-uttertrash goldfishstyles goldboots-harry​ goochiemama​

h - k 

holy-hazz​ harrydos​ hedgehogandthefrog happilywithharold harrystylesisdad hi-and-oops happyfic harxlds helladirections harrypotterau harrys-fools-gold harrystylesfuckedme harrysdoves haz-styles hazah hungerlarry hintsandtattoos harrys-syndrome hazzabebanginlou hazzascrewslou harryslouisaf harryspiritanimal horanslove hazzsboobear houirry​ harry-fucking-styles-though​ harrytomlinsun harrietrash holyshootlouis homemade-mashed harrywisher harrysawesomeheart hellourry hotharreh harryrs harolou harrysblowjobs halszy hiiiiiiirry​ harryswhale​ highheelsharry​ haz-lovesbear​ horsepubes​ hewantsthed hellourry hazznboo irishlarrys​ ilovemelarents itstoofuckinreal louistomliinson irritatedfangirl itslovestylinson inklouve isithiorheyyy jungleboyharry jurassiclouis kittenharrystyles ktmoony


larrentsaf lukesbitchingrlfriend lavxnderzayn larryforcongress louisdarlinson lourryuniverse leadinglouis louistrashbaby louistommo-dgaf ladsandstuff lovesbritish louisistwofeettall lourryxkiss louisnudes louis-tomlinsons-bum larryobviously leedshusbands louisalmiighty love-in-slovv-motion louispeanut let-me-love-luke louiswantstomarryharry larrywellingtoncurse lavxndertommo lovinglittlelou larrieh lxrrysreal lalatzky londonfairy latelatelarry larriesrepresent louyyt91 larrydefencesquad lovelylarents larryplsletmelive larryxstrong lourrydrunk lankyharry larryisproblematic loudippedincaramel larriestits louiaf louisbians louisthighs loliipoplouis larrie2k15 larryclemmings larrysweetie layhie loufondshazza larystylnsun loveis-bravery lovvelou larryfreak2013 larryisstrongx louistheslut larryshipper-lilicoul louserz layafat louisgotpappedsnoggingt louhedgehog lourryetc louisfuckingbeautiful​ larrysbrokenhanger​ louils larry-lovatic lounerr leedsandlarry

m - s

miniature-lou mellowzayn madforlarry mexicanlarries mommyeleanor millionairelouis mandamae84 matchingheadbands​ marcels nouishumor nialler-probs nauticalosers notthatimportanthazza nialls-french-fry niamliveslarryloves nouisthegreat niallohmyboy nyclarry nostalgiclouis notcuddling ohnolarries opstaylinson omgharolds oopsndhi oyeaharry orharry oddballstyles otnobody ohmystxlinson ooopsandhi​ orchid-lou​ punkfrangipane prettysoftboy puppyplants pizzaholics polariod-barakat puffyharold parmahamwrap parmaharold plantomlinson​ paintingflowersandcatchingsparks​ radasslouis rihgtnow revolution-zarry roilou​ rutegomes​ scruffyharry​ spicedstyles​ since16and18 skinnyboystyles stylespug schmabe suckmybullshit silkystyles stylinsonxhealy stunning-stylinson stronglarents sky-reid sivan-styles sighmoncowell sosickweredead somehowlouis stylinshin sensationaldick sunriseziam sugarbabykink​ stylinsinnuendo​ stlaurenthoe sappyfic saintlaurenttomlinson sparklinglitter softtlouis stylinsails sparklymcqueen sumerniall sleestaks-everywhere​ sunbuhrns​ shortgirlwithglasses​ stylinoops​ studlouis​ stopthatlouis​ styels

t - z 

tmmath tinyalmightylouis tommos-ankles tequillastyles tinylouistomlinson tomlinsxns taytommo tfwlarry tommostea tomlinsosore theniallstagram tlomlinson tattoosandtomlinson thoseperfboys tadpoleson tracesinyourhair tisdae tomlickson tcalouis teamlarryy tomlinfinitys tmhlarryy therogueish tinyfrogbaby totallydeluded teatommo trillioniall tropical-nourry tomlounson tomlinstylez tinyhusbands thewhitecitrus thebullshitexists tiedtogetherwithadagger thefrogandhedgehog thathipsterboy thedudetomypal thebuhrrito theshipofhope tinytomsty thecurlsandthecurves​ theseinconvenientotps​ teamharristoyles​ theolivergarden thetomlinbooty ufookinloseh un-harry viplourry wickedlxrry warped-larry weddingfic wtfisalarry whimperinglou whyislouisotiny whateversinksyourtitanic​ xmatchingtattoos yvesstlouis​ yikestyles youarekillingmestyles​ zeekostyles zaynmalikj zaddie

hey, everyone! so, in celebration of my blog’s two year anniversary and me hitting my goal, i’m finally making a follow forever of my personal favorite blogs. and i made that edit myself too :o

to everyone on here, mutuals or not, thank you for being so amazing, and if you guys ever want a chat, i’m right here. :)



a-bit-extraordilarry beaniegaskarth bewithmeso blowlourry boyfriendsandbeanies cannabislouis caramelfringe carofineflack chopsueyelashes craiclourry cremebrulou curlynotstraight dafinapw datmlechick-1d deludedlarry desperate-larry donnysoldier drunkaster durtyniall dylanolarry


ehgay eleanorjanestyle elounever fiightingirish flourry fringegasms ftwlourry gaybeanies gloubear golarryorgohome harrysgettinghead hazfuckedlou hlkittens imlarryschild infinitelarrystylinson jumpingoffaclifford kingsoflarry


larry-lovatic larryamour larryasylum larrycoincidences larrygaylinso-n larrypatrol larrysinlove larryslove lolitalouis loueah louisfucksharrysenseless louiswstyles loundonson lourrystylinsen masturfates microlouis minilouis motelstyles niamsluts nniam onesixteenthbelgian pegstyles prettyisaprettyword povverbottoms punklouser


quitespecial ratchetlarry roilou sinceimetyouinthetoilet slutmi snowprincesslouis stagekisspers stylinnuendo stylinz stylns sunloubathing tessanat thisismyoneluckyprize tiedships tracedust wellingtonkiss whattarush wouldntlarrybenice zarrylmao zcuis ziallau ziallfuck


these are just my favorites, i didn’t want to make this too long but everyone else in my blogroll is amazing as well. <3<3

Hello! I recently reached 600 followers and I’m still speechless to be honest. Thank you so much to all of you. Thank you.

I felt it was the right time for making this follow forever.

So first thing first, this is a general @ to the football fandom because seriously guys, I’ve spent almost 4 years on this website and up until last year’s World Cup I didn’t have any great friend or talk much here. You’ve changed everything for the better and I’m incredibly thankful to every single one of you for all the happy tears, the fights, the memes, the livebloggings, everything. You make tumblr a wonderful place.

And also to the larries: guys you’ve taught me so much about almost everything. You’ve helped me to discover a lot of things about myself, to be more accepting, to stay woke, to realize things. And I have such a great time whenever the fandom is freaking out. Thank you for making me change and improve myself and for sharing this big love for the greatest love story of our time.

And now the part that people actually cares about lol:

I know you and love you all irl so you deserve this little bit only for yourselves:

jessejamesjpg becausehewayout its-been-a-while-now nourrymotion justanotherdramagirl dauntlessheronstairs love-miam thatisjustmyway nebolous


awesomessi champioxs bastian-casillas-fussballgott blessneymar aguerosergiokun blaugranadays diggingandfluff everyonelovesiniesta blaugranabish disneyprincerakitic gauchom03 bartrasbarca averagestyles cvmpnou cescfabregas fathermessi barcelcna campnou-s cruyffsbeckenbauer football-s andresmessii femalecule blaugr4na goldenboyneymar fabregastastic4 gerardpiqashian emmabarca genuinelybelieve gon-zalos campnouforever fucksiargentinant canonlarry bromanceshmomance but-red-means-stop clloid carriehopefletcher daynanicolea bulletproofhalo


little-maestro-messi kyoushiirou lionemessi imagine-having-mate-with-masche jairoriedewalds king-thiago happyfeetiniesta hermionegrangcr ney-is-bae nikeneymar messithehumble mas-che hazpilicueta neymazing kvnessi holycocoa makingupforlostlove lornasaurusrex neymerjr j-aviermascheranomixerforce luchoscoolerthanyou jesesmorata ittybird klaineinlove kingdomlightsshine lapelosa harrybirthdaytoya justkindahappened larryfeelings larry-is-infinite myoldpartydress karukara lovato-harmony modestmgmtofficial mycatisgossipgirl messismyhusband larry-lovatic marinasindiamantes jaesama magicalmischief neymarjrswife iitswhatilove jonasbrothers


totssomcule tooculeforyou thelioking thecatalans teambarca shakirugh sashapique piqueque samperisme thecruyffturn ootnaboot thattomlinsonsass takemehomefromnarnia ohthefond ohcarlesmycarles theharrylouistreatisetoo-old-for-this-ship stylesforstilesprincessjesyrosketch tenerifeseas this-is–what–i-live-for triharrytops this-fleur rayhudson


wearingblaugrana zabaleta-s vamostitimessi whimsicule verily-i-say worshippedlovewhatiwishicould youretheone22