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But unless you are someone like Harry - who is immensely talented in so many different areas - I think it’s really important to stay in your lane and do what you do well.
—  Louis Tomlinson, 20/7/17 (BBC BTY article)

fic editsThree French Hems (ao3) by @100percentsassy & @gloriaandrews ​ - M, 19k

In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin.

Monthly Reads | April 2017

Special mention⭐ & Top 5 + 10 more stories under the cut:

1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names Prompt Challenge

This is a prompt challenge @suddenclarityharry had the inspiration for after reading some of the feelings described in the book 1000 Feelings For Which There Are No Names. Participants pick a random number between 1 and 1000 and have to use the feeling described to write a short fic in a week’s time!
Authors: a-writerwrites, letsjustsee, becomeawendybird, londonfoginacup, icanhazzalou, allwaswell16, phd-mama, flamboyantommo, jaerie, iflovewereall, all-these-larrythings
Week One  | Week Two | Week Three - posted tomorrow!

The Afterlife Fic (The Best I Ever Had in My Entire Life… Or Death)

by LovingCup | Afterlife | 490k

AU- After dying in an accident, Louis Tomlinson arrives in the Afterlife. Not Heaven and not Hell, Louis finds himself in Judgment City UK: a pristine city where the food and entertainment are divine and the newly departed must undergo a Review of their life on Earth to determine if they have lived a life worthy of advancement in the universe, or if they must be returned to Earth to be born again in a new body. On his first full day in the Afterlife, Louis meets Harry Styles, and the two have an instant connection. Over the course of their Reviews, they fall in love and begin to find that even though they didn’t know each other on Earth, they are nonetheless linked to one another in perfect ways. Both are hoping to move ahead in the universe together, but they are challenged with the threat of separation if one or both of them is sent back to Earth to be born again.

It Comes and Goes in Waves/It Always Does

by roaroftheninth | World War II | post war | 50k

“He says that he’s grateful for that ending, because he always wanted to imagine it like that and you were always a better storyteller than he was. But that’s not the ending that should be published, because it’s not the truth.”

Summary: It is 1953; Louis makes that nine years since they won the war (eight if you count the Americans, which he never does). His first novel, a best-seller set during wartime, is due for a sequel - but Louis doesn’t want to face the ending.

Run away home

by hattalove for 1D Big Bang: Round Four | friends to lovers | horse racing | slow burn | injury recovery| 106k

Louis stands, in the middle of a clearing with his hands in his pockets, and stares. This boy—God, this gorgeous, gorgeous boy. He seems so clumsy, confused at the best of times, but there’s a wisdom about him as he speaks, a maturity that belies his age.
Louis is hopelessly, wildly attracted to him.

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.
it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.


by TheMagicWord | famous/non famous | Coming Out | implied/referenced homophobia | 77k

AU. When superstar singer and winner of The Voice Louis Tomlinson tweets “Nothing worse than waking up with no milk for a cuppa !! Gutted” he doesn’t expect someone to bring him some. And he really doesn’t expect that someone to have bright green eyes, long curly hair, and (fucking) dimples.

Safe And Sound (You’ll Always Be)

by Rearviewdreamer | Famous/Non Famous | Bodyguard!Harry | 58k

When a failed case and a guilty conscience leaves Harry more than a little lost, his boss presents him with a new, less taxing assignment to help him cope. An escape from all the madness is just what Harry needs to get his life back on track. It’s just too bad his new client has a grin like the devil, a pair of electric eyes that Harry simply can’t get over, and no intention whatsoever of letting him catch a break.

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AO3 larrie boycott list

a list of authors on ao3 who are also conspiracy theorists. for the uninitiated: there is a significant portion of the content-creators in the 1D fandom who believe that their ship, harry/louis (larry stylinson or larry) is real. they are called larries and should be differentiated from larry shippers (those who engage in normal fandom behavior and know their fictional ship is not real). larries are conspiracy theorists, and you will see them referred to as tinhatters. 

want to blacklist them? here’s a tutorial on using ao3 savior. that link also contains more information about the reasons behind the list and how an author is put on the list or why they are left off. [n.b. the script is case sensitive, use case of name present on the current list.]

wondering if an author is a larrie but they aren’t on the list? send me an ask! i’ll do my best to sort it out.

methodology: i sorted 1D fics on AO3 by h/l and with most kudos first (to prioritize with the fic that would most likely be read by a new reader), english, and completed only, and clicked through. if i couldn’t prove they were larries (no other SM linked to pseud OR nothing glaringly larrie on linked SM) i’ve left them off the list. this is definitely not complete. it is a work in progress. all names are the AO3 pseud, and earlier versions of the list contained additional information about what i found to put them on the list. i have removed that information for streamlining, but if you’re curious, inbox me and i can provide it. 

CT = conspiracy theorist

1d big bang round 5 running list of fics written by larries

larries (CT’s who believe the larry ship is real)

  • 0GVButterworth0
  • 100percentsassy
  • 13ways
  • 1Diamondinthesun
  • 5sexualhomos
  • absolutelynot
  • aclosetlarryshipper
  • afirethatcannotdie
  • alex4968
  • alivingfire
  • allwaswell16
  • allyasavedtheday
  • andthensusays
  • Awriterwrites
  • banana_louis
  • bandshirtedboybanders
  • beautlouis
  • bethaboo
  • BeyondxLawliet
  • bottomlinsons (grimgrace)
  • camiii (reblogging from some toxic larries)
  • capriciouslouis
  • Chelsea Frew (chelseafrew)
  • clicheanna
  • Conscious_ramblings
  • crimsontheory
  • darkerwings
  • dea_liberty
  • delsicle
  • dogslpdi
  • EllaO
  • embodied
  • emma1234
  • eyesofshinigami
  • FallingLikeThis (Zayniam)
  • ForAWhileWePretended (Zayniam)
  • FullOnLarrie
  • gayporn
  • gloria_andrews
  • Gotthisniallthang
  • grapenight
  • green_feelings
  • hattalove
  • hilourry
  • infinitelymint
  • istajmaal
  • isthatyoularry
  • iwillpaintasongforlou
  • Jackstylinson
  • jaerie
  • juliusschmidt
  • jwdish98
  • karamelised
  • kikikryslee
  • kenziexo
  • kiwikero
  • kotabear24
  • KrisStylinson
  • LadyLondonderry
  • Lainy122
  • larryandgaystuff (cnd8544)
  • larrybabes03
  • larryistakingcontrol
  • larryslove
  • larrytale
  • LasciviousLarry
  • leavingonatrain
  • letsjustsee
  • lewieandharrie (thoseshadowsalmostkilled)
  • lilacsweaters_ivorylilies
  • Lis (domesticharry)
  • littlelouishiccups
  • LoadedGunn
  • louisandthealien
  • louisxharry1
  • loupiter
  • LucyStarkid
  • lululawrence
  • luminescents
  • Madalynn_Bohemia
  • MediaWhore
  • metencephalon
  • midnights
  • Mie1412
  • millionlittletings
  • NiamJenn1994
  • nodibs
  • nooelgallagher
  • nouiiam
  • objectlesson
  • ohsailor
  • OhSlashy
  • otpwhatever
  • patdkitten
  • phdmama
  • pliantlouis
  • purpleeyestelllies
  • RedOrchid
  • rippedgloves
  • say_thanks
  • scagnetism
  • sheawaldenbecks (styleztomlinson)
  • snowingwhite
  • Star55
  • stylinsoncity
  • summerwine
  • sunshiner
  • supernope
  • suspendrs
  • sweaterpawstyles
  • sweetkisses
  • TableForThree
  • taggiecb
  • teaandtumblr
  • TellMeThisIsNotLove
  • Teumessian
  • thealmightyavocado
  • TheCellarDoor
  • theboyfriendstagram
  • thecheshirepussycat
  • thedeathchamber
  • thepriestthinksitsthedevil (stubliminalmessaging)
  • Thingssicant
  • tilthesundies
  • togetherwecouldbealright
  • Tomlinsontoes
  • turnyourankle - also known as peach_passion, sugardares
  • goodmorningtoyouuniverse 
  • tvshows-addict
  • twinks
  • twoshipsdrifting
  • Velvetoscar
  • veronicahague
  • Wankerville
  • weddingbells
  • whimsicule
  • whisperingwind
  • whoknows
  • wildestdreams
  • wubwubnparmaham
  • xxSterre
  • you_explode
  • youcomecrash
  • yoursongonmyheart
  • zarah5

ziam conspiracy theorists

  • eternallyunleashed

if anyone on this list feels they have been added in error, or want it known that they have since rejected conspiracy theorism, send me an ask off anon and we can chat! if you have any authors you think should be added to this list (i don’t care if the author is only a little larrie, conspiracy theorism is the ONLY qualification), message me or send me an ask on or off anon. i am prioritizing the more popular authors first, but eventually i plan to have them all listed. 

this list should not be used for targeted harassment. it exists merely to make it easier for people to avoid reading and providing kudos to people who engage in conspiracy theorism.
Through Open Windows

Curiosity has always been Harry’s weakness and it usually ends up getting him into more trouble than it’s worth.  But that doesn’t stop him from Facebook stalking the sexy voice on the other side of the phone.  

aka The one where Harry works for an ad firm and stalks Louis’ Facebook page.

Can we please talk about this moment for a second? I just went back and watched the whole interview again (I MISS THEM SO MUCH) and this particular moment always stood out to me. I think it’s very slept on IMO. This particular line that James said to Louis is more that just regular band teasing, from what I got tbh. James and Harry were having a banter and in the end, James points to Louis and goes “you’ve always been my favourite”. This feels so personal. Like something that goes on in their inner circle of friends where they team up against eachother and their friends choose a side. I’ve always loved this so much because James could’ve said it to ANYONE but he said it to Louis and in such a familiar tone, like this is something that happens a lot. Louis’ reply in particular is so adorable. I’m just very fond all over right now. James Corden is truly a saviour.

“Omg why do antis care so much about us larries? Literally just ignore us”

You hate on pretty much every single person in both Louis and Harry’s lives and think everything they do is staged, while claiming to be their biggest fans. idk about you but I think that’s pretty fucked up and probably something you should be called out for

fem!larry fic rec masterpost

Because fem!larry is a blessing.

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Undertow by leavingonatrain

harry/louis, 15k, explicit

As if Harry’s world wasn’t already on the brink of change, a twist of fate turns the man he once photographed in the streets of Paris and never forgot from faint memory, to a one night stand, to even more.
He wishes he could say he fought harder not to be pulled into the undertow, but he really, really didn’t.
Harry Styles sends fans into a frenzy as he tweets Louis Tomlinson 'Larry' fan porn link that redirected to real porn

HARRY Styles left his hordes of fans in a flap after a link to a porn site was posted on his Twitter page, falsely advertised as pics of his band mate Louis Tomlinson.

The One Direction heartthrob attracted over 30,000 likes when a link to promote “Larry”, a fan-invented romance between him and Louis, popped up on his feed.

But fans who wanted to see Harry, 23, endorse the fictional romance between him and Louis, 25, were shocked and amazed to find the link directed them to a real porn site instead.

Harry posted two pics of Louis drinking through straws on the evening of April 11, along with the link to the porn website, before the tweet was deleted.

Fans who follow Harry’s every move speculated that he was probably hacked because he was doing Saturday Night Live rehearsals during the time of the tweeting.

Others felt the tweet had been sent in error, while a minority felt it was a stunt to promote his new single Sign of the Times, and upcoming album.

The consensus was, however, that Harry’s tweet was something to be celebrated, particularly considering how rarely he posts anything online.

Many fans took screenshots to commemorate the tweet and see it as evidence that Harry thinks about “Larry” more than he claims to.

Harry’s single may have been praised by critics, but Sign of the Times may suffer in terms of its chart ranking because of a Spotify glitch that’s left fans raging.

He’s appearing on SNL to perform the track at the weekend, something his former 1D band mate Zayn Malik did not do when he started his solo career in 2016.