larry lewis


Larry Lewis. Untitled (Hell’s Angels), You Have a Beautiful Face, Pope Tomatoes, Untitled (Stop Groping for Words), Untitled, The Gish Sisters and Pope Tomatoes, Don’t Suffer, Boy with Bubble Pipe Yellow, Untitled. 1940-1970.


Larry Lewis. Untitled, Shinola and Saddle Shoes, Derma Royale, The Girl and the Game, Untitled (Blue Clock), Untitled (Garbo and Von Stroheim), Boy with Bubble Pipe Blue, Untitled (Harlow and Van Gogh), Untitled (Woman with Camera), Don’t Suffer. 1940-1970.


Harry is the best brother-in-law 😍❤

Aaaaaaand the video…they didn’t know they were being filmed. The girls are behind some idk but they are not in the same room as the boys WARNING: TURN THE VOLUME DOWN

Okay am I getting deaf or is this really harry’s voice?! That was on ernest and doris birthday in 2015 😮🤗